How F360º incorporate Coolpo into Hybrid Learning

Coolpo is something quite innovative for us and our clients. Recently, we held an hybrid course, with people that were in site and people abroad.

F360º is a professional management training and development firm in Mexico.Before Covid19, 90% of or work with clients was face to face, but there was a need to evolve, so they started to have Online meetings and adapted their methodology to what they call in Mexico “a new reality” At F360º, they are sure that the new technologies and trends will change education as they knew before COVID. Online means has enable to reach people from several parts of Mexico and the United States and has help them to reduce operation costs.Tools like Coolpo will help institution like theirs to reach new markets and have more competitive prices to offer.

Students have told us that its interesting, and it is not that hard to use while teaching.

Before using Coolpo, they had to set up several cameras in the classroom for hybrid learning. It takes time before the class, and needs people to control andadjust during the class. Now, all they need is one single Coolpo AI Huddle Pana sit in the center of table, plug and play.

For us, the Pana is not for meetings but for actual classes with people in site and online. To be honest, we solved this issue setting a number of cameras inthe classroom, but it took us a lot of time. The Pana is helping us to optimize time before, during and after each class.

Víctor M. Cervantes

General Director