Remote Work Meetings Via Zoom Drop: Mind-Blowing Findings

A thorough survey was conducted to gain insight into Zoom usage, uncovering critical updates and demographic differences. The survey, conducted by Zoom, revealed that on average, meeting attendance has decreased from 10 people to 7 people, a decline of 30 percent.

Additionally, the survey also found that meetings have slightly shorter in duration, clocking in at 52 minutes compared to the previous year's 54 minutes.

The survey also explored trends in usage such as generation gaps, busiest and slowest days, and peak usage times throughout the year.

In this article, you will know the findings of each factor why the usage of Zoom dropped in the year 2022.

Zoom Usage In Meetings During Remote Work Era

Using Zoom for remote work meetings can significantly impact your productivity and effectiveness. It allows you to connect with your team members and colleagues in real-time, no matter where they are located. 

This means that you can hold meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations as if you were all in the same room. Zoom also provides a variety of features such as screen sharing, recording, breakout rooms, and even a whiteboard which makes it a powerful tool for collaboration and communication. 

With Zoom, you can ensure that you are staying connected with your team, even if you are not physically together. It is an effective way to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that projects stay on track. Additionally, the platform has a wide range of integration capabilities with other software, making it a central hub for remote work.

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Zoom Survey Findings 2022

Differences In Zoom Usage Among Different Age Groups

The survey revealed a variety of interesting differences in the way different generations use Zoom for communication and meetings. 

For example, younger generations such as Gen Z (36%) and Millennials (51%) tend to prefer using team chat, while older generations such as Gen X (35%) and Baby Boomers (42%) tend to prefer using email. 

Additionally, when joining meetings, more than half of those surveyed said that they have their cameras on, but there was a generational difference in preference, Baby Boomers (born 1946-64) were more likely to have their cameras on with 65% of them, while 63% of Gen Z still preferred to keep their cameras off, despite the fact that they were the generation that preferred video meetings more. 

The survey also showed some trends in meeting practices, for instance, attendees are getting more accustomed to not appearing on a screen when they are on mute. Also, the presence of pets on camera during meetings. More than a third of those surveyed admitted to having a "Zoom mullet" where they wear a formal shirt on top but something more casual below.

Locations Where Users Make Calls Via Zoom

The survey explored the different locations where people use Zoom when not at their desks. It found that the number of people calling from bed has dropped significantly, with only 25% of participants doing so compared to 42% last year. Generation Z users were the most likely to use Zoom from bed, at 61%, and women were 11% more likely to call from bed than men.

The most popular location for Zoom calls when not at a desk was in-car, with 43% of the 2,800 surveyed, while 19% of participants said they were meeting from a coffee shop and 18% at airports. It was also interesting to note that almost a third of the 392 participants who said they used Zoom while jogging were Millennials.

Usage In Terms Of Busiest, Slowest, And Peak Days Throughout The Year

The survey revealed patterns in usage throughout the year, with Wednesdays being the peak days for usage. Wednesdays were found to be the busiest days for team chats, whiteboard use, and hosting webinars. 

Fridays were found to be the slowest days for calls. Additionally, it is also the slowest day for meetings, chats, webinars, and the use of rooms. 

The busiest days for meetings, conference room usage, and hosting hybrid events were found to be Tuesdays. 

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