Coolpo offers better engagement experience during PTA's video conferences

Due to COVID, most of our meetings during 2020-2021 have been virtual (...) This year there is a need for hybrid meetings as the community would have the choice to attend the meetings in-person or by virtual.The video conference camera from Coolpo offers a better engagement experience for our members. Now members are able to see the meetings in 360* view with speakers highlighted in different windows. Camera tracks and presents the session based on the audio and visual sensing. Since the camera is an all-in-one containing the microphone, video camera and speaker we are able to keep the camera in the center of the meetings for all interactions. There is no more passing the microphone to the presenter or repositioning the camera.As a volunteer-run organization, we embrace user-friendly technology products. This camera is a plug-n-play product. So right out of the box we are able to connect it to the computer using the USB cable and use the product without installing any software or drivers.

CoolpoTools is optional, but it is very a very useful software. We use it to customize the configurations of the camera before the meeting. For example, it allows us to adjust the filters, customize multiple video windows such as change layouts, fix the position of the window or automate the window, and even block certain areas. Thanks to Coolpo for their generous support for our cause!

Dheeban Sengottaian

Technology Chair