Did the Pana meet your expectations? “It exceeded them.”


Deltaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC) is a nonprofit working to transform financial lives for Delawareans. Due to the Pandemic, they have switched to hybrid working mode, thus the need for better video conferencing experiences. After using the PANA, they find it has great video and sound quality.


They had a basic webcam which only faced one direction at a time which you can imagine is not ideal for a conference room or multiple people. Meetings are not smooth enough, especially when there’s a discussion between multiple participants. People on the other side often find it’s hard to locate who is actually speaking, hence lack of facial and gesture communication, which play quit important roles in a successful conversation.


People at DCRAC want their folks have the option which will be quite beneficial for many families by providing flexibility and they think hybrid working is the best solution. When it come to video conferencing which they are going to have on daily bases, they were looking for an all in one solution with multiple options for use cases and it won’t not disappoint.


The PANA helps DCRAC’s activities like hybrid meeting or calls feel more immersive and engaging which helps especially when everyone is not physically in the same room. Luis, the IT director, find it saves time with setup and removes the stress from having to figure things out or the worry about reliance between the camera and services.

The team thought it was cool how the camera moves to track whoever is actively speaking during the meeting.

Luis Oquendo

IT Director