“The coolpo was a favourite of our staff members.”


Due to covid lockdown, Holy Blossom Temple moved all their programs and classes to virtual so they use webcams everyday here. And the Coolpo is a sleek webcam that doesn’t take up much space on a desk or table and works well to accommodate multiple speakers in a room.


Without in person gathering in the building, they can’t perform routine meetings and classes during the pandemic. The temple’s expectation is to better accommodate the large number of participants in a typical meeting without issues.


Holy Blossom Temple’s vision about the future is that with PANA they can seamlessly integrate remote team members even if they aren’t particularly tech savvy. And as some of their staff members are less familiar with newer tech so the simpler the better.


“The camera program’s ability to switch focus between speakers was a welcome change that I received positive feedback for. Overall, it was well received.”

Most of their admin staff works from home full time while their clergy and facilities staff are on site full time. They have 4 main meetings that happen weekly and the largest has about 22 participants split between here and remotely. They like to position the camera to face the crowd sitting together in the building to better bridge the two groups here and at home.

George T

Holy Blossom Temple