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How Can AI Auto-Framing & Tracking Improve Hybrid Meetings?

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In today's fast-paced world, hybrid meetings have become the new norm, allowing participants to connect seamlessly from different locations. With a combination of in-person and remote participation, hybrid meetings have become the new norm in today's interconnected world. However, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all participants, regardless of their physical presence, can be challenging.

This is why hybrid meeting equipment is needed. AI auto-framing and tracking technology is revolutionizing how hybrid meetings are conducted. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, these advanced algorithms automatically adjust camera angles, frame participants, and track active speakers, delivering a seamless and immersive meeting experience.

This article will explore how AI auto-framing and tracking can revolutionize hybrid meetings.

Revolutionize Hybrid Meetings Using AI Auto-Framing and Tracking

Here’s what AI auto framing and tracking can do when used during hybrid meetings: 

1. Improved Video Conferencing Experience

One of the primary advantages of AI auto-framing and tracking in hybrid meetings is the ability to deliver an improved video conferencing experience. Traditionally, video conferencing systems struggle to frame participants correctly. This results in an awkward camera angle or cuts off important visual cues.

With the help of AI-powered auto-framing technology, it can intelligently detect and adjust the camera focus, ensuring that participants are always in the frame. This enhances the overall visual experience and helps maintain active engagement during the meeting.

2. Seamless Participant Tracking

In hybrid meetings, it is crucial to maintain equal attention and involvement from both remote and in-person participants. That is why choosing hybrid meeting equipment that can perform this task is crucial.

AI auto-tracking technology solves this challenge by smoothly tracking speakers and participants as they move within the meeting space. This ensures remote participants can easily follow the conversation, identify who is speaking, and feel more connected to the meeting dynamics. By seamlessly tracking participants, AI technology eliminates distractions and fosters a more inclusive and interactive environment for all meeting attendees.

3. Enhanced Content Sharing and Collaboration

AI auto-framing and tracking technology go beyond focusing on participants. It can also optimize sharing and collaboration with its different AI-powered features. The AI algorithm automatically adjusts the camera framing to highlight all onsite participants in different ways. This helps remote and in-person participants clearly view the shared material, promoting better collaboration and understanding.

4. Time and Cost Efficiency

Incorporating AI auto-framing and tracking in hybrid meetings can save time and money significantly. Manual camera adjustments and tracking can be time-consuming, especially in larger meeting spaces. It will also cause disturbances during the meeting. With the help of AI technology, it eliminates the need for dedicated camera operators, enabling seamless transitions and ensuring that the focus remains on the content and participants.

Additionally, with fewer technical disruptions and smoother transitions, meetings become more efficient and productive, reducing overall costs associated with delays or inefficient use of resources.

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Best AI Auto-Framing and Tracking in the Market

The use of AI Auto-framing and tracking systems in hybrid meeting equipment has become popular in the market, but not all can give you your desired outcomes. That is why choosing the right hybrid meeting equipment should not be taken lightly.

One of the best in this industry is Coolpo. Previously, they were an algorithm research company. They decided to be bold and innovative and apply their own technology to the communication industry. With the help of MeetingFlex® Technology, they create new hybrid meeting equipment such as the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite.

To learn more about the features of this device,

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite

  • MeetingFlex® Technology - AI integrations
  • Frame Master Group and Individual Modes
  • Division Master
  • Toggle AI functions and choose between different FOVs: 60°, 90°, and 120°
  • up to 120–degree horizontal FOV
  • 4K Camera Sensor
  • Electret mic with Backgroun Noise cancelation AI feature
  • 6 m sound pick-up range

Coolpo Mini Lite Auto Framing and Tracking

As mentioned, one of the features of the Coolpo Mini Lite is its MeetingFlex® technology. This technology serves as the AI system of the device. This MeetingFlex® technology allows you to be framed in real-time during the meetings.

Frame Master is part of this MeetingFlex® technology. The device offers two different meeting frames: individual mode and group mode. Individual mode is perfect if you will join a hybrid meeting alone in any environment. It will track and focus on you, placing you in the center of the frame to avoid distracting remote meeting participants from people moving in the background. It is perfect when you are in a crowded location and need to join a meeting.

On the other hand, if you join using group mode, this is where the auto framing comes in. When your group is joining a meeting, you can use one device - Mini Lite, and it will automatically frame your group to be in the center. It's automatic and does not need manual adjustment.


AI auto-framing and tracking technology as hybrid meeting equipment can greatly improve hybrid meetings by enhancing the video conferencing experience, providing seamless participant tracking, optimizing content sharing and collaboration, and increasing time and cost efficiency. With AI-powered algorithms intelligently adjusting camera angles, framing participants, and tracking active speakers, participants can have a more engaging and inclusive meeting experience, regardless of their physical presence.

Choosing the right hybrid meeting equipment, such as Coolpo's AI Huddle Mini Lite with MeetingFlex® Technology, can further enhance the benefits of AI auto-framing and tracking, ensuring smooth and effective hybrid meetings with real-time framing and automatic adjustments. Embracing these technological advancements can revolutionize how we conduct hybrid meetings and foster greater connectivity and productivity among participants.