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Video Conference Camera 2023: New Google Workspace Updates

Google, the leading technology company, has been actively adapting its products and services to meet the needs of the current workforce trends and in response to the new work setup: remote work and hybrid work.

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With this, Google has made numerous modifications and updates to Workspace to support hybrid work. To ensure the success of these modifications, Google has confirmed the completion of their updates, indicating that they are ready for use by businesses and individuals who are adopting a hybrid work model. 

By adapting to the changing workforce trends and providing tools and services that support hybrid work, Google is well-positioned to remain a leading technology company in the future.

In this article, you will know the latest Google Workspace updates that will help you work smarter in a hybrid and remote work environment.

8 New Updates Of Google Workspace For Hybrid Work

Google has made changes to Google Workspace this month of March 2023 to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to use. They have improved features like smart canvas and Google Drive, which will help you be more productive and efficient when using the suite. 

Google has done this to better meet your needs and make your experience using Google Workspace even better.

Here are the 8 new updates of Google Workspace:

Easy Access And Search Of Filters In Google Sheet

If you use Google Sheets, you'll be happy to know that it now has a new feature. When you apply filters to your data, you can now see a summary of the remaining rows. This will help you analyze your data more efficiently. 

You can find the total number of rows displayed in the bottom right corner, making it easier for you to determine if you're looking at the whole data set or just a portion of it.

Moreover, you can search for filters using the "Apply Filters Directly" option in the right-click menu. This means that when you right-click, you can apply filters directly to your data, remove filters, or filter by the current cell value all from the same menu. This makes it faster and more convenient for you to work with filters in Google Sheets.

Allows Administrators and Developers to Programmatically add, Modify, Remove, and Publish Changes to Label Taxonomies

If you're someone who manages many labels on Google Drive, you'll be happy to know that Google has introduced a new update just for you. 

With this update, you'll be able to automatically modify and publish your labels using the Drive Labels API. However, keep in mind that this feature is currently limited to specific Google Workspace products like Essentials, Business Standard, Plus, and a few others.

Expanding Noise Cancellation To More Devices

If you use an Android mobile device, you'll be pleased to know that Google has rolled out Noise Cancellation to a large number of users. This includes customers of Google Workspace Business Starter, Education Fundamentals, and Standard, as well as personal Google Account users. 

Additionally, if you use third-party devices to connect to Meet via Pexip, you'll automatically have this feature enabled.

Clearer audio for phone participants

This feature filters out background noise, resulting in clearer audio and better understanding. However, keep in mind that this feature is only available to specific Google Workspace editions, including Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials Standard and Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Frontline customers.

Suggested Work Locations in Google Calendar

The new feature suggests work locations based on your environment, making it easier for you to define your work location. 

Keep in mind that this feature is only available for specific Google Workspace customers, including Business Standard and Plus, Enterprise Standard and Plus, Education Fundamentals, Plus, and Standard, Teaching & Learning Upgrade, Nonprofits, and legacy G Suite Business customers.

Inline Threads in Google Chat

If you use Google Chat, starting March 13, 2023, all new conversations that you create will include inline threads. This means that you won't be able to organize conversations by topic anymore, where related messages and replies are grouped together in the conversation window. However, if you have existing meeting rooms that are organized by topic, they will continue to work as they currently do.

Notes on Android Home Screen

If you use the Google Keep app on your Android device you can now use a dual-pane view and swipe feature. Additionally, you can use the new Single Note Widget to pin your notes and lists to your home screen and edit them easily with just one tap.

Client-Side Encryption in Gmail

If you're a Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, or Standard customer, you can now use Gmail client-side encryption, which is available immediately. If you were already enrolled in the beta, you won't see any changes.

Available Rollouts For Hybrid Work Employees

  • The Alert Center of Google now has an email notifications feature.
  • Google Vault and Gmail now support client-side encrypted emails.
  • In Google Classroom, you can now reply to email notifications in-line.
  • You can add captions to Google Meet video recordings.
  • The new setting for content managers to adjust shared drives is now turned on by default for iOS.
  • Google now offers administrator controls for displaying warning banners in Gmail.
  • You can view peripherals in Google Meet green rooms.
  • Android foldable and tablets now have improved Chat, Meet, and Gmail experiences.
  • Google Chat now has improved integration for sales and customer service.

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Google has made updates to Google Workspace to better support hybrid work, including improvements to features like smart canvas and Google Drive. These updates include easier access to and search of filters in Google Sheets, the ability for administrators and developers to modify and publish labels using the Drive Labels API, expanding noise cancellation to more devices, clearer audio for phone participants, suggested work locations in Google Calendar, inline threads in Google Chat, notes on the Android home screen, and client-side encryption in Gmail. 

Additionally, Google has rolled out several available rollouts for hybrid work employees, such as email notifications in the Alert Center, client-side encrypted emails in Google Vault and Gmail, in-line replies in Google Classroom, captions in Google Meet video recordings, and improved Chat, Meet, and Gmail experiences on Android foldable and tablets, among others.

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