Powerful Communication Simplified

Ignite Speakerphone

Experience seamless communication with our feature-packed speakerphone.

Enhanced Communication Clarity

Experience crystal-clear audio transmission as background noise is cancelled both from the microphone and speaker (two-way).

Dual-Directional Noise Cancellation

Meeting Flex AI turns chaotic meeting environments into peaceful havens,
with unparalleled conversation clarity Hear and Be Heard Clearly.

Crystal Clear Conferences with AI Noise Cancellation

Advanced noise cancellation technology ensures that all voices come through loud and clear sans background activities.

16 ft Omnidirectional Voice Pickup for Optimal Clarity

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Expand Your Reach with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth connectivity spanning the same impressive 10 meters, stay connected wirelessly without sacrificing audio quality or range.

Continuous Communication, Day to Day

Conference-all-you-want over 24 hours of continuous use with 30 hours of meeting capability on a single charge.

Effortless Connectivity with USB-C and Bluetooth

Enjoy seemless communication through your laptop via USB-C or with your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

Convenient Mute Function for All Participants

Anyone can mute the microphone, not just the meeting hosts to foster a more collaborative environment.

Trusted by brands all over the world

Portable Powerhouse for Any Setting

With its lightweight design and versatile connectivity options, bring the power of clear communication to every meeting anywhere you go.

Universal Meeting Compatibility