About us

To redefine online
team collaboration

When you use Coolpo devices, your online meetings are secured, you get immediate after sales services, and you receive continuous firmware updates to ensure the most out of your experience!
We are on a MISSION
Our story began in 2016 when we were still an algorithm service firm. We specialized in omnidirectional perception solutions and have led several world-leading projects. In 2019, we decided to apply our leading technology to the telecommunications industry.
We have now successfully developed the MeetingFlex® intelligent solution that is integrated into all our
AI-based products.

Since our products have spread globally, so did our team. We now have warehouses, offices, and team members scattered throughout the world: in the US, South America, and Asia!

Meeting Flex

Founder & CEO
Jonathon Marics
Content Strategy
Cody Fisher
Chief Product Officer
Wade Warren
Director of Engineering
Jenny Wilson
Director of Brand
Bessie Cooper
Product Designer
Marvin McKinney

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