2022 Report

on Global Hybrid/Remote
Work Trends

Our 2022 Report on Global Hybrid and Remote Work seeks to examine the trends around the world, and the preferences of employers and employees. It will also explore the sustainability of these models in the long term. What positive or negative effects might hybrid and remote work have on organizations, employees, and society? This report will provide an in-depth analysis of these questions and more.
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Hybrid work trends around the world
Percentage of respondents (by occupation/role) with
full-time/part-time remote work options
Full-time remote work
Part-time remote work
No Remote work option
Full-time remote work
Part-time remote work
No remote work option

Preference of employees

Breakdown of remote work opportunities (number of days) employees are offered that they are most likely to take
Greater than 5 days
4 days
3 days
2 days
1 day
No daysno

Individuals where hybrid and remote work are sustainable

- Computer and Mathematical industries
- Business/Financial Operations
- Architecture/Engineering
- Management/Office/Administrative Support
- Educational Instruction/Library
- Sales
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Back in 2021, we interviewed individuals from different cities around the world. We asked them questions regarding their experience and opinions about the new work models imposed during the pandemic.
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