Coolpo AI Huddle Desk Mate

2K Live Automatic Tracking Webcam

Your Ultimate Webcam and Document Camera Hybrid

The Coolpo AI Huddle Desk Mate combines the functionality of a webcam and a document camera. With its auto focus, AI tracking and innovative document camera design, you will own a dynamic and interactive workspace.  Say goodbye to awkwardly adjusting your camera during meetings and embrace the Coolpo AI Huddle Desk Mate for a more professional and efficient virtual experience!

Make Your Online Video Conferencing More Professional

Make your online video conferencing more professional with the Desk Mate webcam.
Your audience can see you clearly with its 2K resolution and autofocus.

Perfect for Live Streaming

Gamers, take note! The Desk Mate webcam is also perfect for live streaming of your games.
With its wide field of view, you can capture all the action on your screen (or keyboard),
and its built-in microphone will ensure that your viewers can hear you clearly.

Professional Al Features

Coolpo Desk Mate has Al integrations. lt includes several Al features like Auto white balance and
auto-focus.The microphones with a 5m pickup range have Al noise and echo cancellation as well.

Advanced Best View Framing Technology

From whiteboard brilliance to captivating facial expressions, Desk Mate lets you experience
seamless auto framing and tracking for visuals that truly come to life!

Auto Focus at its Finest

Coolpo's Auto Focus cutting-edge technology guarantees crisp
and instant sharpening of faces and objects in real-time to
elevate your presentations instantly.

Perfect Desk Perspective

Whether you're conducting product presentations, attending online classes, live streaming, or simply chatting with friends, Desk Mate's flexible tilt capability guarantees the perfect angle for your desk-centric needs.


Output Resolution
Sepc Details


Microphone type


Pickup range
5 m

Number of arrays
2 mic

Frequency Range
100 Hz~20 kHz

-38 dBV/Pa

70 dB(A)

3A algorithm

Sampling Rate
16 kHz


Device interface
USB Type-C interface

Cable interface
Wiring: Type C to Type A interface


Operating system

Windows 10/11(Resolutions higher than 1080p require Windows 8.1 and above)macOS 10.12 and above


LED indicator
Blinking white light: Power On and StartWhite light is always on: normal work (pickup/shooting) White light is off: the device is in standby

Digital Zoom
× 1/*× 1.2/× 1.5/× 2/*× 4 (Four gears are adjustable, and the electronic zoom factor can be adjusted to × 1.2, × 4 at a specific frame rate)

Auto focus

Audio function
Support intelligent steady-state noise reduction algorithm, anti-reverberation, enhance human voice, and ensure call/audio quality

Communication parameters

Way of communication
Support USB cable

Wired communication distance
Cable length 2 m, transmission distance 2 m When the transmission distance is greater than 2 m and less than 5 m, an ordinary extension cable can be used; when the transmission distance is greater than 5 m, an extension cable with a signal amplifier can be used

General specification

Operating Temperature and Humidity
10 °C~45 °C,Humidity less than 90% (no condensation)

full metal

Power supply
DC: 5 V ± 5% (USB interface), maximum power consumption: 2.5 W


Product Size
120.3 mm × 49.4 mm × 44.7 mm

Bare metal weight
≈ 140 g

Packed weight
≈ 335 g


Packing List
Camera × 1 USB 2.0 cable(2 m)× 1 User manual × 1

Elevate Your Meetings with
Coolpo Desk Mate Tools

Exclusively designed for Desk Mate Webcams,
it enhances meetingexperience and offers intelligent control.