What Are the Advantages of a Table Center Video Conference Camera?

When it comes to choosing the right video conference camera for your business, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration. While you may be attracted to the aesthetic appeal of a table center video conference camera, it��s important to understand how this camera can assist with your business objectives and security needs. As they are more noticeable than other types of cameras, center table video conference cameras offer businesses an optimal solution that works in almost any online meeting circumstance. Video conference cameras blend into their surroundings so users feel comfortable using them. Below you will find information about the advantages of a table center video conference camera as well as details about where and how these cameras are most useful.

What is a table center video conference camera? It is simply one that you can place at the center (or off-center) of your conference table. There are many different types of video conferencing equipment out there, but one of the most innovative options is table center cameras. These cameras are placed in the center of the table and face the participants. This is a great way to make sure that everyone can see each other and participate in the meeting.  Ideally, these should be ultra-wide-angle even up to 360 degrees to offer the best view of all on-site meeting participants. These video conference cameras should be stable enough that small movements cannot topple them down. For businesses on the go, they should also be portable enough that they do not weigh much and require minimal setup procedures.

What are the advantages of a table center video conference camera?

A table center one offers a number of advantages over traditional video conferencing cameras. First, video conference cameras placed in the center of the table allow participants to be more engaged with the meeting because they do not need to look at a screen. This can help reduce distractions and encourage productivity. All they need to do is speak normally among one another and speak with the source of the sound at the center. Second, this video conference camera is a great way for remote participants to feel more involved in the meeting. Finally, the center table video conference camera can improve collaboration because only one laptop needs to be shared while the others can focus on the project or topic of discussion.

Another advantage of the center table video conference camera is that it is discreet. Many people do not like having a big camera staring at them when they are trying to have a productive workday. With this type of camera, you can have online meetings that feel face-to-face. 

In addition to these advantages, the center table video conference camera can be cheaper than traditional desktop cameras for each individual. There is no need for each individual to fire up their laptops during the meeting to join the online conference. This can save businesses money and make it easier for employees to participate in meetings from the office or remotely.

Where are table center video conference cameras useful?

Video conference cameras placed on the table is very ideal for team brainstorming, round-table discussion, huddle groups, prayer meetings, classroom lectures, and other types of hybrid meetings. These meetings can have a range of onsite participants from 3 or more and an unlimited number of remote attendees. 

What can you see with a center table video conference camera?

A table center video conference camera is usually a wide-angle lens with a lens angle of up to 360 degrees for a full room view. This means that participants can easily be seen from all angles, or from corner to corner. These cameras are suitable for small to medium conference rooms where there are multiple participants. They can also be used in large living rooms and open kitchens where the camera can be placed on a tripod to capture the whole room. With a center table video conferencing camera, you��ll get to see all of your participants, not just their faces. You can also pan and zoom in on any area of the room without any interference from other people or objects. With a center table camera, you��ll always get the entire view of the room and the participants in it. The really good ones should include important details such as facial expressions and body language to allow for a more immersive experience. The only downside to this type of camera is that it has a higher chance of motion blur due to its wide field of view.

The Best center table video conference camera

Coolpo has invented the best choice for people who need table center video conference cameras����its flagship product the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana. It ��reflects�� your onsite collaboration with your remote attendees as if they are sitting with you. 

 When placed at the center, it provides everything you need for a hybrid meeting. The Pana is an all-in-one video conference device with a fisheye camera, 4 smart microphones, and an all-surround speaker. Its plug-and-play feature ensures a hassle-free and quick setup time. Best of all, it has AI features that can rival the most intricate board room solutions in the market:

  • HD panoramic view of the whole room
  • Individual frames for up to 3 onsite participants
  • Automatic ePTZ to locate active participants
  • Dual positioning technology through visual and sound
  • Beamforming array system to ensure crisp audio

So if you want to improve your conference meetings, you must try the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, they will make your employees and your customers communicate with each other naturally.


In conclusion, a table center video conference camera can give you or your business partners a great meeting experience. These cameras help to break down barriers and create a more open environment. So if you want to have a more successful business, a suitable center table video conference camera can��t be missed!

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