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Best Option for Choosing Wide Angle Video Conference Camera

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You should consider looking into a wide angle video conference camera if you’re considering an AV addition to your meeting room. Many audio-visual system platforms have been growing, gathering much attention, as more people work from home. Creating any of these audio-visual systems requires technical expertise like Lightwerks. They can make this very difficult task easier, which can help businesses perform communication, collaboration, and entertainment during meetings.

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Unfortunately, despite the easy access to these platforms, one thing they all have in common is the low quality of the cameras. Despite how perfectly you create your AV system, the built-in camera on your device may be of low quality. More importantly, the built-in cameras in your devices have difficulty capturing wide angles, thus limiting the view.

This is where the Coolpo camera comes in. In this article, we will show you the wonders that the Coolpo camera can offer, including its number one feature, a wide angle video conference camera.

Coolpo Cameras: A Top Secret You Should Know

When companies make an audio-visual system, a lot of consideration is needed. You have to consider the purpose, budget, and environment. For example, creating an AV system for remote work or broadcasting in quiet or noisy environments. But with Coolpo, all your problems are solved. Sounds enticing, right? Let me present to you Coolpo’s 3 wide angle video conference cameras - Pana, Mini, and Mini Lite.

AI Huddle Pana 360 Conference Camera

Imagine you are a team planning a virtual conference with your business partners. Isn’t it a hassle if you all use different devices when you’re in the same space? Why suffer when you can use one device that can cover all the sides of the room?

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana Camera’s 360 conference camera is another feature you can enjoy. With this wide angle video conference camera, you can put it at the center and capture a full view of the room. This can also make remote workers feel like they belong at the meeting.

Instead of manually putting each speaker in the spotlight, AI Huddle Pana will do it for you. Not only is it hassle-free but it will not be confusing as to who is speaking. Here are other feature considerations when you’re looking to purchase the AI Huddle Pana:

  • It is smartly designed with an AI system that tracks and adjusts the speaker automatically through sound and visuals.
  • The device is also user-friendly. It is compatible with many popular video conferencing platforms, making it easy to use.
  • It is equipped with a built-in speaker and 4 microphones. Perfect for a large number of participants conducting a virtual conference in one room.
  • It is also designed with strict security since it is USB only. If you have sensitive data discussed during meetings, it is well protected to ensure privacy.  

To learn more about this extraordinary design, you can check it out here.                                                              


AI Huddle Mini 4K Wide Angle Video Conference Camera

If you are looking for a more compact camera, then this one's for you. The mini but powerful wide angle video conference camera has a 110-degree field of view, which is perfect if you have a smaller team. Its division master function allows it to capture seven participants and equally divide each headshot on the screen. It is also equipped with an AI system with the following features:

  • The camera will identify participants when it captures them, and it will keep framing them perfectly until they move out of range.
  • A simple hand gesture can trigger Mini’s focus on the speaker wherever they move within its FOV.
  • Full-duplex speakerphone for sending and receiving voice with noise canceling feature.

To see this product in action, view it here.

AI Huddle Mini Lite Wide Angle Video Conference Camera

Be the star even through little things” is the perfect description for this product. A compact and flexible camera you can bring wherever you are. Similarly, it is equipped with an AI system with the following functions:

  • 4K camera sensor with a 120-degree field view for a wide angle video conferencing
  • Speaker-centered individual mode, and thus no shadowing from other people.
  • Individual headshots of up to seven personnel identified by the AI system for clearer facial expressions.
  • Automatic recognition when group participants (Group Mode) are captured within the camera range

If you’re curious about this device, you can check it out here.


With Coolpo Camera, you can enjoy all the benefits and features it has, especially if you wish to solve the conference problems you are dealing with. The use of these three types of Coolpo cameras - the Pana, the Mini, and the Mini Lite Wide Angle Video Conference Camera will make your work life easier and better.

Regardless of whether you use the Pana - 360-degree camera view, the Mini - 110-degree field view, or the Mini Lite 120-degree field view, all three are equipped with an AI system that gives focus to the speaker, a wide angle video conference camera setting, audio, and video features, noise canceling features, and a speaker focus system. Importantly, they are designed with strict security to ensure privacy. It's high-tech, flexible, and easy to use.

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