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Inclusive Hybrid Meeting: Revolutionizing Conference Rooms

As hybrid meetings have become popular in today’s work landscape, some are questioning if this is the start of the conference room revolution. Conference rooms are far from dead. Hybrid meetings can be a way to revolutionize and strengthen the use of conference rooms. Conference rooms have undergone a remarkable transformation in the hybrid age since the height of the pandemic in 2020, becoming more inclusive than ever before.

This article delves into the exciting evolution of conference rooms, exploring how hybrid meetings have revolutionized collaboration and fostered a more inclusive work environment.

Zoom Room’s Features and How It Can Help

The hybrid age has introduced a new era of work, blending remote and in-person interactions seamlessly. Conference rooms have adapted to this shift, embracing technology to bridge the gap between physical and virtual spaces. This has opened up countless possibilities for inclusivity in the workplace.

Introducing Zoom Room Solution

The newest workspace solution, Zoom Rooms, allows users to create a conference room environment that fits their modern needs. It is designed to give clarity and cohesion where everyone is equally involved, regardless of location.

The Zoom Room can be utilized in two options, room-only attendees and remote attendees. With this solution, you can transform your video conference depending on your preferred space, such as a small room huddle or massive training center. What’s best is that every participant is equally shown on the screen, ensuring no one is left behind.  

Zoom Room Features

This newest solution has many features to help you have an inclusive hybrid meeting. Regardless of what Zoom Room plans you choose, here are some of their features:

  • Artificial Intelligence assistance creates equal seats for everyone.
  • AI director for better participant view 
  • Whiteboarding for presentation and collaboration
  • Cloud video recording and transcription
  • Additional hardware supporting features


Inclusive Hybrid Meetings with the Coolpo AI Huddle Series

Zoom Rooms is breaking barriers with its latest features. But knowing that the solution is not bulletproof. There are challenges to be faced.

  • First, Zoom Rooms is internet dependent. If the users’ internet slows down, its features—AI, audio, video, whiteboarding, and many more—may also be interrupted. 
  • A lot of hardware is needed for the room-only attendees, which is a little hassle for remote attendees when traveling.

This is where Coolpo AI Huddle Series comes in. With these conference cameras, you can utilize your conference room anywhere and create a hassle-free inclusive hybrid meeting.

Coolpo AI Huddle Series Features

Let us dig in on what these Coolpo AI Huddle Series can offer in this modern age:

1. Wide field of view

The Coolpo AI Huddle Series is designed for users to experience massive virtual space; Coolpo cameras each range between 110°, 120°, and 360° field of view (FOV). This means everyone in the room will be seen clearly, regardless of location. Furthermore, if you wish to create an in-room presentation, know that your visual aids will not be cut-off by its wide capture. Users may customize their meeting experience and choose a more focused FOV of 60° or 90° using CoolpoTools.

2. Internet Independent AI System

Coolpo was once an algorithm research company that focused on omnidirectional perception solutions. Years later, the company decided to apply its technology to the telecommunications industry, leading to the creation of the AI Huddle Series.

They developed MeetingFlex® Technology, which is the AI integrated into all it’s devices, with different modifications or features utilized in each product model. It is an AI-powered system that solves modern problems, including hybrid work challenges. The devices in the series offer the following smart technologies:

Dual Positioning (Active Meeting Participant Indentification)

Dual Positioning Technology uses AI to identify “active” participants in the room. Using visual and audio cues captured by the camera, the system analyzes them and uses them as a reference point to determine the position of the participants in the meeting area.

Noise Reduction

With hybrid and remote work, one challenge everyone has to face is noise. It prevents us from communicating seamlessly and collaborating with our team, as noise can interfere during meetings. With the help of these cameras, it is equipped with noise reduction capabilities, making your audio clear and free from distractions. It helps prevent delays in communication and any interruptions during the exchange of information.

Frame Master and Division Master

This feature is similar to the Zoom Room features that allow equal seats in the meeting. Coolpo devices can automatically adjust the camera’s view, zoom level, and participant’s display layout based on the number and position of participants in the meeting. So even if the users move, the camera will remain focused on them as they will be seen or heard clearly.

Individual Mode

This feature is perfect if you participate in a hybrid meeting in a crowded area like the office or café where people pass by. With this feature, the camera’s focus is locked on you. This means that the object or person passing behind you will not cause a distraction. So even if you are presenting, the audience's focus will remain on you regardless of the moving backgrounds on your end.

It is available in Mini Lite with a similar feature found on AI Huddle Mini (Frame Master with Gesture Recognition)

Group Mode

Also known as autoframing or auto-framing, this group mode is perfect if your team is in the office and you must participate in a virtual meeting. In group mode, your team can use one camera to frame all participants in the room. This will give everyone visibility in the meeting without manual adjustment. Don’t worry about varying numbers of meeting participants because people need to come and go. Frame master group mode ensures the whole group is perfectly centered, no matter how many or where you are located in the meeting room.

Frame Master Group Mode is available on AI Huddle Mini Lite. It is called Frame Master on CoolpoTools for AI Huddle Mini.

3. HD Video Conference

One of the best things about this series is its ability to provide high-quality video. With up to 4K resolutions, all devices can capture clear and detailed images, allowing participants to see each other clearly during meetings.

More importantly, what sets this device apart is that it is not dependent on the internet. Unlike Zoom rooms that need the internet to work, these devices can be used without it. This means you can still enjoy clear video conferencing and its AI feature even if your internet connection slows down.  

Coolpo AI Huddle Series Features and Components

To help you individually know each device in the series, below is a list of their features:


Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

The AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one video conference device for any type of classroom or conference room. Simply place it at the center of your staging area, where people are seated, and begin your meeting. Like all Coolpo devices, the Pana is USB-only and doesn’t save any meeting information. Rest assured that your meetings are not vulnerable to wireless network breaches.

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini

  • 110 degrees horizontal FOV
  • 4K video resolution
  • 6 mic arrays
  • 21 ft. sound pick-up range
  • Noise and echo cancellation features

 The Mini has gesture recognition, autoframing in the form of Frame Master, and a special feature called Division Master. This allows up to eight frames to be simultaneously shown during your meeting. One for each meeting participant of up to seven and a wide-angle shot of the meeting room to allow remote participants to “read the room” clearly. Facial expressions and overall body language are shown clearly.

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite 

The newest addition to the AI Huddle Series, the Mini Lite, offers powerful AI features despite its small-size. Check it out here!


In conclusion, hybrid meetings have revitalized conference rooms, making them more relevant than ever. Integrating technologies like Zoom Rooms and the Coolpo AI Huddle Series has revolutionized collaboration and fostered inclusivity.

Zoom Room solutions have bridged the gap between physical and virtual spaces, enabling equal participation and enhanced collaboration. With features like artificial intelligence assistance, an AI director for participant view, and whiteboarding capabilities, Zoom Rooms facilitate seamless communication and engagement.

The Coolpo AI Huddle Series, with its wide-angle field of view and MeetingFlex® technology, offers independent and inclusive hybrid meeting experiences. These devices capture clear and detailed images, while AI-powered systems identify participants, reduce noise, and automatically adjust camera settings.

These technological advancements have transformed conference rooms into inclusive spaces that accommodate both in-person and remote participants. The evolution of conference rooms in the hybrid age highlights their enduring significance in the modern workplace, fostering collaboration and driving innovation.

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