ignite Headset

IGNITE Headset

Unleash your voice any place, amid any noise.

$70.00 USD


AI Noise-Canceling  Microphones

With Coolpo's MeetingFlex Technology, you can converse comfortably in any environment. A simple double tap instantly blocks out significant background noise from your side of the conversation.

ignite Headset

Soft Leather Ear Pads

Ditch the ear fatigue and embrace all-day ease. Our breathable design lets you work uninterrupted, comfortably connected.

Noisy environment?

Never fear being misheard!
Simply double tap the AI button to toggle
background noise cancellation.

IGNITE Headset Double tap
Easy microphone controls allow you to speak freely.

Simply pull down the microphone to speak and bring it up to mute.


Power On/Off
Battery reminder
Automatic Voice Playback
Volume +/-
Play/pause the music
Next/Previous music
Answer/Hang up/Reject a call
Bluetooth reconnection/disconnect

Multitasking Just Got

Effortlessly connect your IGNITE headset to your mobile and computer simultaneously. Seamless Bluetooth pairing lets you switch devices easily, without frustration.

Cross-functional collaboration
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Enjoy productivity and entertainment in one sleek package