Zoom Enters the Future with More Innovations at Zoomtopia 2022

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that has been around for over a decade. In the past, Zoom has been limited to desktop and laptop computers. But now, Zoom is expanding its user base to include chatbots and kiosks.

New Offerings

Here are the newest features launched by Zoom during Zoomtopia 2022!

  • Zoom Virtual Agent: Zoom is working on a conversational analytics tool that extracts actionable insights from sales call transcripts.
  • The first new innovation with ServiceNow is Zoom Contact Center, which allows agents to manage their interactions directly from the ServiceNow app. Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNow enables agents to handle their interactions directly from the ServiceNow app. Agents can manage their interactions directly from the ServiceNow app with Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNow.
  • Zoom Team Chat:: Zoom team chat was created in order to make it easier for customers to find information about Zoom products and services. It also provides users with the ability to schedule meetings with other people on their team who are currently using the Zoom platform.
  • Kiosk: The new kiosk feature will allow customers to schedule meetings on-site at their company’s office or other locations without having an account or scheduling software installed on their computer.
  • Integrated within Zoom ONE, Zoom Spots facilitates inclusive discussions within hybrid work environments.
  • Updates to Zoom's Developer Platform help developers manage apps within Zoom and monetize their own apps.
  • Zoom for Creators: Users can now create and stream live and recorded content using Zoom.
  • Enhancements to Zoom Team Chat and Zoom Phone: Translations and in-meeting chats are now available in Zoom Team Chat. It will also be integrated with Zoom Phone, allowing teams to multitask and solve problems on-the-go.

Zoom's Latest Innovation is a Game-Changer for Contact Centers

Zoom's latest innovation is a game-changer for contact centers. It helps the contact centers to provide a better customer service experience.

Zoom's latest innovation is the Zoom Video Communications Platform (ZVC). This platform will help contact centers to provide a better customer service experience by improving their agent productivity, reducing costs, and providing real-time insights into their customers' needs.

Coolpo and Zoomtopia

Coolpo has had the chance to sponsor Zoomtopia this year! Excitingly, we’ve featured all our products and got the chance to say Hi to our Zoom partners!

Take a look at our Zoomtopia post here 

We featured one of our latest products there: the AI Huddle Mini.

Conclusion: The Future of Zoom is Here. Learn More at the Zoomtopia Launch Event.

Zoom has been a popular tool for video conferencing and webinars. But with the launch of Zoomtopia, they will be introducing new features that will make it easier to use the app in different settings.

We can expect Zoom to be used for a variety of purposes - from being used in classrooms, to hosting virtual conferences and webinars.

Zoom is more than just a video conferencing app. It is an all-in-one communications tool that can be used for any type of meeting or event.