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User Guide

Frequently asked questions

Is it compatible with Zoom?
Yes. All Coolpo products, including the Mini Lite are compatible with all mainstream video conferencing platforms. This also includes Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Dialpad Meetings, BlueJeans, and so much more.
Is the Mini Lite compatible with MacOS?
Yes. Mini Lite can be used with macOS devices and Windows computers/laptops.
Can I use Mini Lite with an iPad or smartphone?
No, the Mini Liteis designed for use with PC/Mac and laptops.
Will Mini Lite store my information?
No. All Coolpo products, including the Mini Lite, do not store private information relating to the network, meeting details, etc. The Mini Lite is entirely safe for use.
Can I use it at work as well as at home?
Yes. Mini Lite is for personal use and group use. Its AI integrations ensure you are captured perfectly whether you are using it on your own like a personal webcam or as a group during hybrid meetings.
What is the normal camera field of view (FOV)?

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