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AI Huddle Pana

Turn anywhere into an immersive meeting room
Next-Gen AI-powered
Everyone can be seen in the meeting

AI Huddle Mini

Right for small-medium businesses
World's first gesture-activated speaker tracking
Ultra Clear
Platinum Group Views

AI Huddle Mini Lite

Great for small groups and personal use
Compact built
Revolutionary AI

AI Huddle Desk Mate

2K Live Automatic Tracking Webcam
Auto focus
AI tracking
Document camera


Clear and sound space just as you needed
Extra crisp
Noise Shield
Hussle Free

Customers have consistently rated Coolpo 4.9/5

"Best Conference Room Video system for the money."

Choose what's best for you

Can't decide? We made a list!
the Pana
the Mini
Mini Lite
Support Room Size
Idea Number of Ppl
Mic Pickup Range
Max Resolution
AI Features
Single Person Tracking
Frame Master
Division Master
Personalized AI software
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Support system
15x15 ft
15 ft
Visual + Audio
Mac / Wins
20x15 ft
20 ft
4k HD
Gesture Control
Mac / Wins
10x10 ft
10 ft
Highlight Tracking
Mac / Wins

Frequently asked questions

Do you have customer service in my language?
Currently, we offer our after-sales support in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, and Japanese. We will be adding more in the future.
Are Coolpo products compatible with Windows and Mac OS?
Yes, they are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It is also compatible with Mac OS 10 and later, including devices with Apple M1 chips.
How do we contact you for aftersales concerns?
We have 24/7 lines where you can leave your message/issue. Our team can get back to you ASAP. You can go to the chat services on our website, through the Feedback option in CoolpoTools, or by emailing your Coolpo contact and share the issue/s you are experiencing.
What kinds of meeting rooms are Pana and Mini ideal for?
The microphone pickup range of the Pana is 15 feet and the intelligent zoom function is automatically enabled. The Mini has a pickup range of 26ft. The PANA and MINI are designed for small- to medium-sized conference rooms.
Can I use Coolpo products with an iPad or smartphone?
Most of our products are designed for use with PC/Mac and laptops. Please contact us for specific product.