Awesome tool for a small and bigger group for a TC.


Because of the help of PANA, Immunodesigners was able to have routinely video conferences with groups in other companies and the Pana delivers clear voice while giving them interactive experience during the meeting.


Before using the PANA, they had to speak loud in order to be sure their voice got heard ok and had to mute/unmute constantly. So they wanted to have a video conferencing device that it will deliver our voice clearly to the other side, vice versa.


Their vision about the future is hybrid work mode will continue even after the pandemic ends, but with the help of PANA, their way of work has not been influenced: they can get together to have a meeting even in a bigger meeting room.


“Our group uses the Pana in a group meeting for a telecommunication. I like the way the Pana showed our group visually, particularly zooming the person who speaks. The microphone and speaker works very well.”

Their main concern was to have a device that can deliver/ receive clearer sound during online meetings, not only the PANA achieves this main goal, but also brings them interactive online video meeting experiences by auto-track and focusing on the whoever is actively speaking.

Sook Kyung, phD