Coolpo AI Huddle PANA connects the world with a real sense of being present

The Coolpo AI Huddle PANA has been a transformative tool for our hybrid classes meeting and presentations. We have found that it dramatically enhances our interactive experiences; defining a new standard for hybrid meetings for us.

The video conferencing experience members of Centers of Spiritual Living (CSL) lived with before was, “at best awkward and at worst untenable.” according to Rev Dale, Spiritual Director at Okanagan CSL. Not only was the camera image always unfocused and washed out, but also often people were smaller than they would choose because the camera was awkwardly positioned for some when it was best for others.

Not only was the PANA able to meet our expectations but its capacity to identify and track the speaker is above my expectations. And its ability to modulate the voices so each person could be heard was another unexpected benefit.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Centre members have been forced to use zoom either totally or in hybrid situations. Coolpo has opened their experience to unimagined possibilities particularly with the many hybrid classes and meetings they hold. For someone joining CSL by the Internet the class experience has become real. They can actually see everyone in attendance and focus on the speaker at any given moment. The PANA gives members who join the meetings online a real sense of being present.

My experiences working with the Pana have been very favorable. The PANA is easy to learn to use and easy to use.

Rev Dale's experiences working with the Pana have been very favorable. Being a spiritual director of the center, he's also in charge of all technical matters in CSL. He told us, it took him about an hour to become fully familiar with the setup controls. Now it only requires about 10 minutes to set it up for the various meetings that they have.

Rev Dale Jukes

Spiritual Director at CSL