How MHA incoporate Coolpo into Hybrid Work Environment

"Our Coolpo was a surprise gift, but a welcome improvement over our single camera system. "

When the pandemic shut down in-person meetings, MHA in Chautauqua County received a grant to purchase a big screen TV, camera, and conference microphone.

"This setup was frustrating because keeping everyone at 6 feet apart meant some people were not visible and some were too far away to be heard."

Luckily, they received Coolpo soon after. It changes the whole game. Once they find out the features of Coolpo: 360º, smart self-adaptive camera, all-in-one design, they immediately put it to work.

"The plug and play simplicity of the Coolpo makes it easy to use."

Now Coolpo is being used in their morning staff meeting and other support group meetings throughout the day. They also use the Coolpo for connecting two locations.

"Coolpo provides a view of everyone in the room and a focus on who is talking. The camera finds the person talking so you don't have to."

"...and the 360 view means everyone is included. It even encourages some usually quiet group participants to talk to make the camera find them."

Joseph Vaughn