I can't imagine not having it for meetings.


Pastor Bethann Black in Maplewood Church purchased it individually to prove how it could help the church and within a very short period of time all groups have begun using it, and people rely on the option of being able to join a meeting either way,


The church’s expectations about VC device were that it would help those joining online to really participate in discussions because they would be able to really see all of those present in person and hear them. To have immersive experience in video conferences becoming an essential needs as the hybrid working keeps growing.


Coolpo AI huddle PANA has made it easy for all of our groups to be a mix of people online and in person, and other leaders have quickly adapted to using it.

Because people don’t have to factor in travel time or where they are to join a meeting, it has made either attendance at business meeting, or level of participation increase significantly.Low attendance whether at a business meeting or small group can be discouraging to leaders and make it hard to move forward in planning by having better participation by being able to over both ways of joining and for it to be easy to participate either way has kept all of these groups strong.

Rev. Bethann Black