Mackinac Center Attests to how the Pana "Works Simply, Everytime“

The Pana has made meetings between people in the office and people in remote locations much better: easier to set up, higher quality, and more likely to be used.

Mackinac Center was previously using either the builtin laptop camera or an external conference cam. The conference camera worked well, but didn’t have the 360-degree capabilities of the PANA, the 360-degree view and automatic switching has made remote meetings much more like in person meetings.

I think the Pana has made more people decide that remote meetings are workable. I think they were avoided – or at least dreaded – before we had the Pana.

There are a number of Mackinac staff that work from home part of the week and a number that are full-time remote. The use of Coolpo AI Huddle PANA allows the remote staff to participate in meetings more like they were there in the office. The outcome is satisfying: The PANA enables them to have more efficient video meetings with remote staff and donors.

I am the system admin here, so one of my jobs is to set up a laptop and the Pana for various meetings. I appreciate that it works simply every time.

The PANA's plug and play feature and the all-in-one design save technician a lot of time on set up camera, plug in speakers and before each meeting, now they only need to plug in one PANA.

The Pana has made meetings with donors, board members, and other staff a lot nicer. People are happier when the video and audio is done well.

Dale Anderson

Information Systems Administrator