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Coolpo Mini Lite Room Camera Update! Smarter than Ever!

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Coolpo is at it again, introducing their latest update for the Coolpo Mini Lite room camera, and it's smarter than ever! It is here to revolutionize your virtual meetings. This AI camera boasts advanced features, including its news update in its auto-framing feature.

In this article, let’s delve into the exciting features of this update, how it enhances the user experience, and why you should consider getting your hands on it.\

Remembering Coolpo Mini Lite and Its Features!

Before delving into the exciting new features and improvements of our latest update, let's take a moment to revisit the core elements of our beloved room camera. This refreshes those who have been with us from the beginning and provides newcomers with a comprehensive overview of what our product offers.

Coolpo is one of the companies that focuses on using artificial intelligence in video conference cameras. We have already released the Coolpo AI Huddle series on the market, and one of its latest products is the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite.

This video conference camera has a 4K webcam for clarity and 3 different FOVs: 60°, 90°, and 120° for customization. It also has an electret microphone with a 6-meter sound pick-up range. But what makes this device unique is that it leverages MeetingFlex® Technology. The company developed this in-house artificial intelligence system, which uses various AI features like auto-framing, auto-tracking, and noise cancellation.

The New Smart Auto-Framing Update: Adapting Your Needs

A critical feature of the Coolpo Mini Lite is the Division Master Function. Using the video conference camera’s AI, this feature displays separate frames showing individual headshots of up to seven on-site participants. It automatically identifies the attendees and captures their facial expressions and emotions. As a result, this provides remote participants with a more immersive experience by allowing them to see each individual's face and the entire meeting environment clearly.

Now, with much anticipation, Coolpo releases this device's newest and smartest auto-framing update. In the previous version, the camera featured 8 frames, including 7 individual frames and 1 group frame.

In its newest version, the camera takes adaptability to a new level. Rather than sticking to a fixed set of frames, it dynamically adjusts its framing based on the number of on-site participants. For instance, when there are 4 participants present, the camera will create 4 frames perfectly tailored to the situation.

However, the magic doesn't stop there. Suppose an additional participant joins the group and enters the camera's field of view. In that case, the camera's framing will seamlessly adjust to accommodate the new member, expanding from 4 frames to 5 or more as needed. Similarly, if a participant leaves, the camera readjusts the framing to ensure it aligns perfectly with the remaining on-site participants. This smart and adaptive feature guarantees that your video conferences are always perfectly framed, no matter how your meeting evolves.

Steps on How to Get the Division Master Update

1. Go to

2. Under Resources, click “Download CoolpoTools for Mini Lite”. 

3. Choose CoolpoTool based on your device’s operating system. 

4. Connect the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite to your device after downloading and opening CoolpoTools. 

5. Click “Update Firmware.” 

6. After the firmware update, go to Division Master and try it with your team, friends, or family. 

Division Master Function—Before and After: What’s the Difference?

In the past, the older version of Coolpo Mini Lite used to automatically display up to seven individual frames, which could sometimes lead to unused, empty slots when there weren't enough on-site participants to fill them.

However, in the latest version, the Division Master function has undergone a significant transformation, boasting higher adaptability. It now intelligently adjusts the framing in real time based on the actual number of on-site participants. This enhanced feature ensures that the camera's space is optimally utilized, eliminating the presence of empty frames on the screen. Remote viewers will now enjoy a seamless and dynamic viewing experience, as the frames displayed correspond directly to the current number of on-site participants.


In summary, the latest update for the Coolpo Mini Lite AI room camera marks a significant advancement in the realm of virtual meetings. With its intelligent and adaptive auto-framing feature, this device is set to elevate the user experience and transform the way we engage in hybrid meetings. Whether you're a loyal user or considering joining the Coolpo community, this update presents a compelling reason to embrace the Coolpo Mini Lite, ensuring that your video conferences are consistently well-framed, regardless of how your meeting unfolds.

In a rapidly evolving world of technology, Coolpo continues to push boundaries, providing a smarter and more adaptable room camera for your virtual meeting needs. This update, coupled with the camera's existing cutting-edge features, promises to offer more immersive, engaging, and dynamic virtual meetings, making the Coolpo Mini Lite a valuable addition to your remote communication toolkit.

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