Black Friday Technology, Gadgets, and Meeting Camera Deals for 2022

‍Black Friday is the official start of the Christmas shopping season, and it’s a great time to snag some good deals on tech like a good meeting camera. But how can you make sure you don’t miss out on the best Black Friday technology and gadget deals? Black Friday isn’t so much about one specific day as it is about a period in which consumers have been trained to expect amazing gift-giving deals. If you’re keeping an eye on Black Friday tech and gadget deals for 2022, we can help. 

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This article will bring you up to speed on what to expect from Black Friday this year, as well as highlight some potential ideas that could represent great deals next time around.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. It falls on the day following Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November), and it’s typically one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year. While the name “Black Friday” may refer to the fact that the day sees retailers operating at a loss due to markdowns, the day is also known for being one of the best times to snag amazing deals on tech. Many of the best Black Friday tech deals are offered on Thanksgiving Day, as retailers start the day early. But whether you shop on Black Friday or wait until Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday when many retailers offer online-only deals), you can expect to see some great deals on meeting cameras.


When is Black Friday in 2022?

While some retailers may be open on Thanksgiving Day, most will start their Black Friday sales at midnight on Friday, November 29. That’ll be followed by several days of post-Thanksgiving sales and online deals, followed by Cyber Monday on December 2. Almost every year, we hear complaints about the fact that Black Friday is getting earlier and earlier. 2022 will likely see another shift in the official start date, but for now, we’ll have to deal with a Thanksgiving-to-Black Friday shopping season.


What to expect in the Black Friday deals this year?

There are certain categories of products that always see huge discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while others are more up in the air. 

Here are a few items that could see big tech deals this year. 

  • Smartphones and tablets - These are almost a given when it comes to Black Friday tech deals. For some reason, tablets never get the same attention. 
  • Computers and laptops - Depending on the retailer, you might see some great laptop deals. 
  • Computer components, like CPUs and GPUs, are sometimes at reduced prices for the holidays. 
  • Gaming and eSport equipment - This could be a really big deal this year. 
  • Home automation and smart home products - With this growing category, Black Friday will likely be a good time to buy. 


Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

We’ll have special deals on our flagship product: the AI Huddle Pana. Here are some features to get you started on this wonderful meeting camera:

  1. 360 conference camera to see the whole meeting room
  2. 4 smart microphones to pick up voices from 15ft in each direction
  3. An all-surround speaker that is also wonderful for music and movies

Best of all, the company provides constant upgrades to allow for improved experiences every time.


Wrapping up, as we said above, the best way to ensure you don’t miss out on great Black Friday deals is to keep an eye out for them all year long. If you’re looking for a specific product, consider signing up for price alert sites like RetailMeNot to receive emails when the product goes on sale. Similarly, if there’s a product you’ve always wanted but never bought, keep an eye out for meeting camera Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to snag it at a reduced price.