Coolpo AI Huddle PANA

The newly encountered situation of the pandemic has been a unique experience for the whole world. Many concepts that were once thought to be quite rigid and unchangeable were subjected to change in the given circumstances.

One such department that had to quickly switch their whole working process owing to the special situations was the education department.

The education department was probably one of the most important sectors that this pandemic affected since it involved the future of millions of young students throughout the world.

The education sector quickly responded to these changing times by aptly switching their methodologies entirely catering to the world of technology.

Till now, what we have seen is that classes are being conducted on some video calling software, which includes the whole class at the same time.

While this is still a very viable method of teaching and learning, it is still not entirely out of the lines of being one dimensional with the teacher in front of one camera and the students in front of another.

Since we are now approaching the back to school time of the year, we have something that might prove very beneficial for the education sector in general for its incorporation into the bigger scheme of things.

The Pana

We highly recommend the usage of the newly developed technology of four-dimensional interaction created for long-distance meetings and conferences in general and which can be incorporated quite aptly into the education sector as well.

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is a technology created by Meeting FlexTM, that allows us to see more and do more by using its efficient artificial intelligence.

It has produced ground-breaking advancements in the audio and visual departments alike. It has a 360-degree rotating camera lens and a microphone array that can detect and react to any audio or visual cues that it receives.

It has a built-in state of the art microphone that makes sure to produce crystal clear audio with beamforming as well as echo cancellation, which can prove to be a headache in many situations.

Along with the microphone, it has built-in speakers that sport a surround sound system for the audience to get a real-life experience of the person speaking.

Its modern, sophisticated artificial intelligence can perceive facial expressions, gestures, and even the body language of the subjects. This feature enables it to quickly judge and shift its focus to the speaker to amplify the best quality for them.

Does it require any special ports, outlets, or input mechanisms to function?

This is probably the best part of this device. It runs on your everyday USB plug and play ports. This was incorporated to maximize its reach and make it accessible to any and every person for usage.

To make things simple, a driverless USB installation is guaranteed to eliminate the hassle and make it function on every device. It can quickly adapt to any video conferencing software that you may already be using before it.

Does it provide a real-life experience for all users?

This is the main attraction of the device. Efforts were guided towards making a device that can mimic the real-life experience for every human being.

As mentioned earlier, the quarantine that the pandemic enforced on us has shifted the dimensions of how things were running.

Through PANA, Meeting FlexTM hopes to bring back the same experience as before and provide a real-life experience to its users.

For this purpose, it has a built-in human detection and audio tracking mechanism that makes it stand out in the current scenario of artificial intelligence models.

Does it require a large room space to set up?

Technology is working effortlessly towards making things smaller with every passing day. Massive data storage devices like big and hefty hard drives that were once prevalent for small amounts of storage have now been replaced with microchips that have much more storage space and are fitted in the very smartphones that we use every day.

The same trend has been followed here. Meeting FlexTM has created this device with special care to the size of the device so that it is easily manageable, portable, and placeable in any sized room.

The device can be placed in the center of the meeting with people around. It needs a minimal amount of physical space for proper functioning.

What about the software updates?

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana comes with upgraded software. Yet, if and when a new patch of the software is released, it will be easily downloadable and installed into the device.

Many things do change with time, and artificial intelligence is all about adaptation. This is the reason why we have incorporated a sophisticated update system into the machine to always keep it up to date to the changing scenarios.

Customer Support

Coolpo has an 8-hour customer support that anyone can contact and have their queries answered immediately by our team of very skilled customer support staff.