Catch Coolpo at UC Today Collaboration Market Guide 2022

UC Today is the global authoritative publication in the field of unified communications and collaboration technology industry, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Each year, they publish and update on technology trends in the industry and brands that deserve attention or cooperation, providing professional and unique industry insights for industry professionals as well as consumers in general.

This year, Coolpo was also featured in the recommended brand sections of UC Today Collaboration Market Guide 2022. Matthew, one of Coolpo��s co-founders and Senior VP for Global Operations, also gave an official interview and introduced Coolpo's existing product application direction and future outstanding intelligent, reliable, and trusted product line planning.

Especially in the video conferencing that Coolpo sponsored, we appeared with other industry leaders in both the hardware and software industries. These companies are well-known communications and collaboration device developers in different countries.

Coolpo has always believed that hybrid/telecommuting is an irreversible trend, especially in the current epidemic era, many people actively or passively start working remotely, and more and more people will find its flexibility, efficiency, and throttling of corporate spending. We are also constantly innovating and developing communication tools for collaboration between corporate teams to support the future of the office model.

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