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Google Chat Makeover: Use a Video Chat Camera with AI Tricks

Individuals constantly seek more efficient and effective collaboration methods using video chat cameras. They are continually looking for platforms that can help them maximize the use of video chat cameras on video conferencing platforms. Effective communication tools are essential for businesses to stay competitive and productive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Google Chat, a part of Google Workspace, has recently undergone a significant redesign, drawing inspiration from the popular platform Slack. This overhaul enhances the user experience and introduces valuable AI features, revolutionizing how teams communicate and work together. This makeover promises to revolutionize how teams collaborate and communicate, making work more efficient and streamlined.

In this article, we will explore the changes adopted by Google Chat and what video chat camera works well with it.  

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Google Chat's Stunning Makeover Using Huddles Functions 

Google is enhancing its enterprise-focused communication platform, Google Chat, to better compete with apps like Slack. The updates include a new feature called Huddles. 

Google Chat is introducing a new Huddles feature akin to Slack's same-name feature. Huddles allow users to quickly initiate audio calls with their teammates working on a project. Additionally, users can easily transition to video chats or share their screens during these Huddles sessions.

Maximize Google Huddles With Video Chat Camera

Google Chat’s huddle function works well with a video chat camera with a huddle experience. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Mini Lite are huddle cameras you can use when having huddle meetings with teams.

Here are the features of Coolpo’s Huddle Camera, which you can use in Google Chat’s new huddles function and which can surely improve your huddles experience:  

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana 

With the advent of technology, everything has become fast-paced. The creation of huddles functions and huddle cameras solves this dilemma. One of the top huddle cameras on the market is the Coolpo Pana. What makes it best is its wide-angle video conference camera feature with 1080p quality. The 360-degree field of view supports its wide-angle feature. Aside from that,  a  360° speaker and four smart microphones with a 15ft pick-up range also add to its features.  With Pana's video chat camera, you can have a video camera, a speaker, and a microphone on one device. 

Coolpo AI Mini Lite 

If you wish to join a huddle meeting with your team while you are out of the office or away from your home’s hybrid work setup, then the Coolpo Mini Lite is what you need. This huddle camera is flexible and portable. Thanks to its 4K camera sensor, it has a 4K webcam. Its flexibility is top-notch with the three different horizontal FOVs it offers: 60°, 90°, and 120°. The electret microphone's 6m sound pick-up range makes it more interesting, serving as the camera’s audio input. It is a perfect huddle camera to pair with Google Chat, especially when working remotely. 

Coolpo Camera AI Tricks  

Of course, the Coolpo camera is at the forefront when leveraging AI technology. Both video chat cameras use MeetingFlex® Technology. It is an AI feature that leverages the following capabilities: 

  • Tracking active meeting participants using visuals and sound
  • The Frame Master Group Mode auto-framing feature 
  • The Division Master frames up to 7 individual participants' frames.   
  • Frame Master Individual Mode has a focusing feature that ensures that when the speaker moves around, the focus remains on them.  
  • Background Blurring, Noise, and Echo cancellation 

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Google Chat's Slack-Inspired Extra AI Goodies

Aside from Huddles, Google Chat has also made other updates to improve the app, which include the following: 

1. Visual Updates

Google Chat has received a minor visual update to improve its user interface.

2. Expanded Group Support

Google is expanding its group support, enabling communities in Chat to accommodate up to 500,000 participants, which is particularly useful for larger teams or public forums utilizing Chat for collaboration.

3. Duet AI Integration

The most significant change is the integration of Google's Duet AI utilities into Google Chat. Users can now engage with Duet AI as if it were a team member. Potential use cases for Duet AI include content checking, document summarization, and catching up on missed conversations. Access to this feature may initially require beta access through Google Labs.


In conclusion, the recent makeover of Google Chat, inspired by the popular platform Slack, significantly enhances how teams collaborate and communicate. With the introduction of the innovative Huddles feature, Google Chat offers a seamless transition from audio calls to video chats and screen sharing, streamlining the communication process. To maximize the potential of this new feature, pairing it with the right video chat camera is essential.

Enter Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Coolpo AI Mini Lite, two exceptional huddle cameras designed to elevate your Google Chat experience. What sets these cameras apart is their integration of AI technology. These AI tricks ensure that your huddle meetings on Google Chat are efficient and productive.

With these enhancements, Google Chat becomes an indispensable tool in the ever-evolving digital landscape, enabling businesses to stay competitive and productive in their collaborative endeavors. 

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