Background Noise in Hybrid Meetings: Is it Impacting You?

Video conferencing with all-in-one video conferencing equipment has become an integral part of modern work life, providing businesses with the opportunity to easily communicate with clients, colleagues, and associates from all over the world without the need for costly travel. 

But with the great convenience brought by video conferencing also comes a unique set of challenges. One of the most common of these challenges is video conference noise.

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This article will tell you the factors affecting video conferencing, strategies you can do to reduce background noise, and helpful tips during remote meetings.

Factors Affecting Video Conferencing

Video conference noise can be defined as any sound that interferes with the audio quality of a video conference call. Here are the factors that can interrupt your video conferencing:

  • Background noise
  • Poor audio quality
  • Unfamiliarity with the video conference platform. 

Strategies You Can Do to Reduce Background Noise

Fortunately, we listed simple strategies that you can use to reduce video conference noise and help ensure that everyone participating in the call can hear themselves clearly:

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The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, a video conference camera is perfect for remote and hybrid meetings in a small-medium-sized conference room. 

Here is its Audio AI features so you can enjoy your video conference without background noise:

Here are Coolpo AI Huddle Mini’s Video AI Modes:

  • Frame Master
  • Target Master
  • Division View

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Helpful Tips During Remote Meetings

  • Use Headphones 

Headphones help to block out any background noise and make sure that everyone on the call can hear each other clearly.

  • Use mute buttons when not talking 

This helps to reduce the amount of background noise that can be heard on the call.

  • Move to a quiet room when taking part in a video conference call 

This helps to ensure that there is minimal background noise on the call.

  • Look for a smart video conferencing camera that integrates perfectly with your existing headphones or speaker system 

This helps to ensure an echo-free meeting and that you’ll have no trouble joining remote meetings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, BlueJeans, etc.


In conclusion, video conference noise can be a major issue for those taking part in video conference calls. Thankfully, there are simple strategies that can be used to reduce video conference noise and ensure that everyone on the call can hear themselves clearly. 

Investing in a video conference camera and all-in-one video conferencing equipment, utilizing noise canceling features, using headphones, utilizing mute buttons, and moving to a quiet room are all great strategies for reducing video conference noise. We encourage readers to try these strategies and experience the clarity of video conferencing for themselves.

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