How Collaborating Tools Avoid the Risk of Data Loss

Introduction to Collaboration Tools

Every year, huddle videos and new online collaboration tools emerge, while existing ones continue to improve their features and functionality. These tools enable you to communicate, manage projects and tasks, and share/store files regardless of where you and your team members are. Businesses have a choice in today's hyper-connected and increasingly competitive environment: collaborate or fail. Collaboration software is a game changer in the enterprise world, with data showing that collaboration technologies can boost a company's productivity by around 30%.
Online collaboration tools have quickly become a popular method of communication among employees, owing primarily to the following benefits:
·        Reduce time spent on routine tasks such as emailing and searching for information.
·        Allow for continuous workflow through huddle videos and tools.
·        Encourage the growth of remote work.
·        Encourage teamwork and cooperation.
·        Ensure that team members communicate effectively.
·        Increase productivity.


Video Conferencing Tools

Meetings and seminars can now be held from anywhere thanks to video conferencing platforms. Video conferencing can be used to replace any type of face-to-face team communication tool, from one-on-one chat to a conference with hundreds of participants.

Recent demand for video conferencing tools has resulted in rapid advancements and innovations, to the point where many businesses will remain at least partially remote following the pandemic. Screen sharing improves real-time collaboration and brings it closer to an in-person experience. Breakout rooms like huddle videos in a larger video conference or webinar can mimic smaller group discussions found at an in-person event.


Benefits of Video Conferencing

If you haven't already implemented video conferencing, you're probably considering it. As you weigh your options and decide whether video conferencing is right for you, consider the following 3 benefits:

Boost Communication Reliability

Video conferencing enables you to communicate with your teams quickly and securely. As huddle video becomes more of a business-critical function, it's critical to prioritize enterprise-class service and support reliability in your solution. Discover how video conferencing improves communication reliability.

Aids in relationship building

When you meet in person, you can establish a personal connection, pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues, and begin to build trust. While you may need to travel for critical connections, huddle video conferencing can help bridge the gap for all other meetings while still allowing you to connect on a personal level with customers, teammates, and remote workers alike. For those who are skeptical, research shows that huddle video conferencing is widely regarded as a useful tool that helps people build relationships both inside and outside of their organizations.

Enhances efficiency

Video conferencing is a more efficient use of everyone's time because of clearer communication through verbal and nonverbal cues, screen sharing, real-time collaborative effort, and the ability to join virtually anywhere. Ending meetings at fixed times also helps keep participants on time as well as on topic. Best of all, video conferencing can be as flexible as you want it to be—so it's simple to jump into a huddle video, answer an influence on customers, begin a spontaneous virtual huddle video, or set begin a regular check-in.


Collaboration Tools and User Data Collection

Online data collection is an important aspect of data security. This is especially true in the context of online collaboration tools. Despite being excellent promoters of effective communication, they can also be a frequent source of data security.

Most users do not believe that using personal devices such as laptops or phones to access team chat apps and connect with their teammates can result in something serious such as a data leak or cyber-attack. However, this has become a fairly common occurrence.


How to Prevent Security Risks

When you become aware of the potential security risks associated with the professional use of collaboration technology, you may be tempted to discontinue its use. However, given that most businesses are moving toward hybrid offices and allowing their employees to work from home, constantly checking in via huddle videos and the like, having the risk of potential data loss can be detrimental to your business.


Collaboration Tools Leave Room for Security Flaws

Collaboration tools are an excellent way to keep your remote and in-house teams connected. The free-flowing conversation format, on the other hand, can become a goldmine for hackers if not monitored. Collaboration platforms work to protect your data from the outside, so you must protect it from the inside as well.

Rather than worrying about what might go wrong, consider proper security measures and take the necessary steps to ensure that the data security strategy you've implemented is working properly.


Common Risks in Collaborative Platforms:

Credentials that are faulty or stolen

Good employees will most likely have good intentions. That doesn't mean they're not a threat. Employee negligence is the leading cause of compromised and stolen credentials, which businesses usually discover when something goes wrong. What if collaboration monitoring, safe-sharing education, and content modification restrictions could help you avoid sharing unsafe content? Oh, wait, you can, thanks to Aware.

Insider Threats

Malicious hackers do not always operate from the outside in. They could already be on your payroll and participating in your zoom calls. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of certain employees, consider implementing monitoring software to keep a closer eye on your entire team.

Unsafe Link and File Sharing

Malware and viruses can originate from a variety of sources, including unsafe links, compromised emails, unintentional downloads, and so on. While it is difficult to prevent everything, there are tools available to monitor, identify, and remove unsafe links and files shared through your collaboration tools. Your employees may not be sharing private data maliciously, but the intentions of the sharer are irrelevant once a confidential piece of data enters your public domain. Monitoring software allows collaboration champions to set rules and guidelines for posting in the first place, saving you time, money, and peace of mind.


Why use Coolpo as your video conferencing tool?

·        Plug and Play – Coolpo AI Huddle MINI and PANA are both devices that can be used as soon as it is plugged into a PC/Laptop and powered on.

·        No Additional Drivers – Users need not download or insert a driver that would enable the device to function. It is ready to use as soon as the cables are carefully inserted into the device and PC/Laptop.

·        Dual Positioning Technology – Unlike other products in the market where only the audio cues are recognized by the video conferencing tool, Coolpo AI Huddle PANA allows both audio and visual cues to be identified as active participants of the meeting. Whether someone is moving around or simply sat interacting in the meeting with aural responses, the device can pick up and recognize the person as an active participant.

·        No SD card slot for customer privacy – To avoid the risk of data loss and exposure, meetings that are held using the Coolpo AI Huddle MINI and PANA are not recorded nor they are stored in the device. It is for the consumer’s privacy that the details of their meetings be kept confidential at all times.

·        Not Connected to WiFi and Bluetooth – No outside sources can connect to the device and interrupt meetings. It also prevents the risk of being spied on from the bounds of ongoing live meetings.



Collaboration tools provide numerous advantages, including reduced travel and communication costs, faster access to knowledge and experts, and an overall increase in employee satisfaction. They are excellent places to collaborate on projects, share files, and communicate effectively. However, if not properly protected, these innovative tools can result in liabilities.

Do you need a dependable huddle video conferencing device for your company? Having the right tools for meetings with customers and remote teams can help you improve your overall productivity and effectiveness. Schedule a demo today to see how our AI-integrated devices can assist you!