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How Remote Work Jobs Increase In Ireland since Last Year

With the rise of remote work and hybrid work, more and more jobs are becoming available that can be done entirely or partially from a remote location.

Remote work allows employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Meanwhile, hybrid work, which involves a combination of working from a physical office and other locations such as a home office or co-working space, is also creating new job opportunities. 

Thus, remote work and hybrid work are leading to the creation of new job opportunities in a variety of industries, including technology, software, manufacturing, retail, and even collaboration tools like video conference cameras.

In this article, you will have an idea of how remote work jobs increased in Ireland compared to the last 12-month period.

How Irish Government Reacts On Hybrid And Remote Work Setups

The Irish government is leading the way in promoting flexible work, as shown by a recent survey conducted by the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment. 

The survey highlights the government's commitment to encouraging remote working, which is seen as a key driver for both rural development and economic growth. 

The findings suggest that remote working has the potential to bring about several positive changes for the Irish economy and society as a whole:

  • 68% stated that working remotely has led to an improvement in their productivity.
  • 59% of the survey respondents reported that working remotely has led to a reduction in their stress levels.
  • 43% uptick in job postings that offered remote or hybrid options in comparison to the preceding 12-month period.

As the number of roles that can be done remotely or on a hybrid basis expands, it is also opening up more opportunities for individuals who can't afford or prefer not to live close to Ireland's traditional economic centers. 

This trend is expected to continue as more employers recognize the benefits of offering flexible working options to attract and retain top talent for their success.

According to Charlotte Holloway, Zoom Government Relations Director, UK, and Ireland, “Zoom’s position at the center of the hybrid working transformation has given us a unique perspective. We have seen first-hand how organizations of all sizes have changed their working patterns in recent years, the positive impact remote working can have on productivity, how it can help small businesses to grow and how it gives workers the additional flexibility they want”.

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In conclusion, remote work and hybrid work have become major trends in recent years, leading to the creation of new job opportunities in a variety of industries.

This trend is particularly beneficial for individuals who cannot afford or choose not to live within commuting distance of Ireland's traditional economic centers. 

It is important to note that remote work and hybrid work setups also require collaboration tools such as video conference cameras. As a result, there is a growing demand for these types of tools, which is also contributing to the creation of new job opportunities.

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