How Threat Actors Exploit Your Meeting Devices and Ways You Can Circumvent Them

Today��s workforce requires tools like meeting cameras to gain constant access to information and tools from anywhere at any time. As a result, virtual workspaces are becoming the norm for many companies. Virtual work environments such as deskless meeting rooms, video conference centers, and hot desk locations offer employers remote access to knowledge workers and their data. These types of workspaces are sometimes referred to as ��co-working spaces�� or ��collaborative workspaces�� because they bring people together to promote collaboration among team members.

Meeting cameras serve as an important tool in encouraging collaboration and remote working by providing a reliable device in a neutral space where team members can meet without having to drive long distances or take time away from their desks. However, just like with any other piece of technology that you have in your office, there is always the potential for them to be exploited by cybercriminals. In this blog post, we explore some of the ways threat actors exploit meeting devices and ways you can circumvent them and keep your meetings safe!

Meeting Cameras in Virtual Workspace Environments

A virtual workspace is a computer environment that allows users to run applications and work on files from anywhere. Tools like meeting cameras, speakerphones, and headphones are often used together with the regular computer system to facilitate online meetings. It allows remote workers to connect from wherever they are in the world and collaborate with others in real-time. Virtual workspace helps to increase productivity, create a more collaborative environment, and build trust between co-workers.

Technology has enabled us to do so much and yet we feel disconnected. Remote working is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce commuting costs and cut down on wasted time. Virtual Workspace provides a way for employees to work from home or other locations while being connected to the same network as their colleagues at the office. This can be beneficial in many ways. One of which is that it can increase productivity by allowing employees to get more done during their commute than they would otherwise be able to if they were in an office all day. But how safe are the tools you use in your virtual workspace?

Meeting Rooms with Online Meeting Tools

Meeting rooms are a great place to get work done because they are quiet, private, and conducive to concentration. Virtual collaboration tools, such as video conferencing and meeting cameras, allow people to collaborate in real-time without having to congregate physically in the same room. These tools can be used for a wide range of purposes -- from brainstorming ideas to sharing notes on presentations -- and can help teams develop stronger relationships.

They also provide valuable insights by allowing participants to see each other's faces instead of just their voices. This can help people feel more connected and confident about their contributions. And virtual collaboration tools can also be useful for remote workers who have difficulty connecting with team members face-to-face due to time or location constraints.

Virtual collaboration tools can also be a good way for groups with diverse geographical backgrounds and work styles to come together and learn from each other. In other words, virtual collaboration tools are a useful tool for any business that needs to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Threat Actors that Exploit Your Meeting Devices

Wireless video conferencing is a popular way for organizations to stay connected with team members and customers. It��s also an attractive target for cybercriminals because it��s easy to install and use, and the devices are often unsecured. Here are some of the most common threats that can occur when using a wireless meeting camera:

  • Data Theft. Someone can steal your video conference calls using the right tactics. You should consider installing security software on your computers or phones to help protect against this kind of attack.
  • Eavesdropping. Someone who��s monitoring your wireless video conferencing system could see everything you say during a call. To avoid this risk, you should always make sure that your microphone is turned off when you��re not talking so that no one can hear what you��re saying.
  • Jamming. Using a wireless video conferencing system on the same network as other devices is risky because someone could simply turn off your device��s radio signal to disrupt your call. To avoid this problem, you should use a separate network for each device that connects to the system.

One Way to Circumvent the Threat Actors����USB-Only Meeting Camera

USB-only meeting cameras and video conferencing devices are the best options for circumventing threat actors. USB-only devices in general do not require Wi-Fi or cellular signal to connect, making them a great option for meetings in remote locations. And USB-only video conferencing devices are the most secure way to conduct a video conference. They have no network connection and work only through USB. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access your data, so they can't record your conversations or log keystrokes. They are also more reliable than Wi-Fi because there's less chance of interference or wireless degradation.

USB-only meeting cameras plug directly into a USB port on your computer and provide HD videos via the USB cable. 

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is the best example of a USB-only video conferencing device, which is an all-in-one conference room camera that has been featured in different exhibits and media. It is ideally placed at the center of the conference table or at the middle of the room. The Pana has AI features that help in creating immersive meeting experiences. It boasts plug-and-play technology so if you��re in a hurry to start a meeting, you can definitely use the Pana on the go! However, if you wish to upgrade the firmware you can download CoolpoTools to avail of the following special features:

�� Customize the number of frames featured in your video feed

�� Enable/disable AI automode

�� Enable/disable the 360-degree panorama

�� Customize individual frames to focus on specific parts of the room

�� Block some parts of your room so that the AI will not pick them up


It is important for companies to have a responsive and dynamic workspace environment that enables employees to work efficiently and effectively. And the safety of this environment is definitely important too!

While Bluetooth and WiFi devices are highly convenient, meeting cameras that can be connected wirelessly pose great threats to your online meetings. Remember to consult meeting camera experts on how to best secure your conference rooms and virtual workspaces.

The team behind Coolpo always ensures that your meeting cameras are safe for all types of meetings and use cases. We continue to provide constant updates, meeting security, and quality after-sales to our customers. 

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