How to Build Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Using Video Conferencing Camera

Does your organization have diversity and inclusion in the workplace? How can you build a more inclusive work culture? Believe us when we tell you that a video conference camera is key!

Workplace diversity and inclusion are two concepts that are becoming increasingly important as you continue to move forward in the future of business. Research demonstrates that it leads to stronger teams and better outcomes.

To build an inclusive culture in your business and organization, you must first understand what diversity and inclusion mean to your team. You know, it isn’t just about creating policies or hiring diverse new employees – it’s about creating a culture that values differences and understands how they can make the company better.

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This blog will tell you why diversity and inclusion are important, how to create a culture of respect, and build a bond with your team. Let’s see how a video conferencing camera can aid this process.


Why are Diversity and Inclusion Important to Workplaces?

In a business sense, diversity is about bringing employees together from different backgrounds and experiences so they can work together productively. Meanwhile, inclusion means employees feel like they’re welcome, appreciated, and valued.

There are several reasons why building a diverse and inclusive workplace is important, but mostly, it will help your business have better and more successful campaigns and projects. If a campaign is driven by individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, it will likely be more successful than a campaign driven by individuals who are the same.


Provide All-In-One Video Conferencing Equipment for Communication

Truly, communication is a key factor in building a diverse and inclusive work environment. When talking about remote communication, you can never go wrong with Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Coolpo AI Huddle Mini as your all-in-one video conferencing cameras.

Building diversity and inclusion is easier with these video conferencing cameras because it lets you and your team members have an equal opportunity to speak and to be seen. Everybody deserves the spotlight.

The Pana requires 3-15 meeting participants in a small- to medium-sized video conferencing room. Every team member has a frame or panel that lets other team members see them including their facial expressions and gestures (Mini).

Also, active participants during the meeting are tracked and followed by the AI. It means that whenever you, the speaker, speak, the AI will focus on you and follows you wherever you go within the meeting room.

See this video of Coolpo products in action.

The Mini also offers equal chances to all team members. It tracks up to 7 meeting participants using Division View. Just like the Pana, every meeting participant has an individual panel that let others see their faces and gestures.

Once you have provided a platform and a tool for communication, make sure that rules are in place to maintain respect.


Host Hybrid Events for Employees

Hosting inclusive and interactive hybrid events for your employees is possible through the Pana and the Mini!

You can host events using Coolpo’s video conferencing camera along with mainstream video conferencing software such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.

There are several events that you can host for employees to meet, get to know one another, and build relationships on-site and online. These can be simple as hosting a happy hour or casual event for employees to get to know each other. You can also consider hosting professional development or educational events for them.

If you have remote employees, you will likely want to consider hosting virtual events for them. Make sure that you have a platform and tools for communication in place that allows your team members to feel comfortable communicating with each other.



Building a diverse and inclusive work environment is an important step to take when hiring new employees. It will help your company avoid bias and create better, more successful campaigns and projects as a result.

You’ll likely want to hire a diverse group of individuals to ensure that they are different from each other. The next step to that is to make sure you are creating an environment where all of your team members feel comfortable and can thrive. You can do this by providing your team with the best video conferencing camera Coolpo can offer to you – the Pana and the Mini, by hosting events, and by creating a culture of respect. Book a demo with us today! Our expert Brand Ambassadors are waiting to assist you.