How to Get Started with your Coolpo Camera and Its Benefits to Your Business

Present with the aid of AI with the last Coolpo cameras Pana and the Mini – All-In-One Video Conferencing Equipment.

Coolpo is an international brand featured in many publications and media such as Forbes, UC Today, TechRadar, and more. It’s a great way to track performance, keep track of how employees are progressing over time, and provide them with tailored coaching opportunities.

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With the volume of transactions and problems increasing every day, it can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing the right tools.

This article will explain what a Coolpo camera is and how it can benefit performance at your company.

How to get started with Coolpo

The first step when getting started with Coolpo cameras is to purchase the device. You can do this by visiting the website at and looking for the Store tab. From there, you can select your preferred device and follow the prompts to checkout. 

Here are our current products as of November 2022:

  1. AI Huddle Pana - 360 conference camera for round table discussions. If you want to be seen by remote participants at eye level, this is the product for you. Simply place it in the middle of your table and start your meeting through your laptop/computer/Mac. It makes people feel they are actually part of the conversation even if they are far away.
  2. AI Huddle Mini - compact 4k video conference camera. This is best if you often do online product demos or whiteboard discussions. It has AI capabilities that follow presenters through a hand gesture. Can you imagine simply raising your palm and having the camera instantly follow you around when doing presentations? It is best for group meetings where one or a few people need to talk and become the focus of the meeting for a time.
  3. Mini Lite - especially made for personal use, the Mini Lite is a recommended Coolpo Camera for WFH employees, remote work companies, and other users. It has single and group modes that is perfect for hybrid workers, too!
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While your product choices may vary depending on your needs, Coolpo cameras have what you need for all your video conferencing needs.

You can also set up your video preferences and configure your device with CoolpoTools.

What is Coolpo?

Coolpo is a brand. We offer the tools you need for video conferencing. Once you secure a laptop, computer, or Mac device, all you need is a Coolpo camera to get you started.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses have struggled to stay afloat. Moreover, it had been a struggle to retain employees since the global preference for working space has changed as well. In 2021, we conducted a study to listen to what employees think.

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Employees now prefer to work from home or remote offices because of the convenience. Several articles like this one have also shown that you can work away from the office but still be productive!

Benefits of Coolpo Camera

We list the benefits of Coolpo cameras  for you, including:

  • Improved Communication
  • By integrating feedback (in CoolpoTools), video configurations, and firmware update into one platform, you can improve online meetings in your company. Employees will have a single place to go to do all the necessary adjustments before starting the meeting.
  • Better Performance Tracking - our after-sales team is spread all over the world to ensure we give you 24/7 support. You don’t have to wait long before you are answered by one of our colleagues nearest your time zone!
  • Tailored training - We help our customers make the best out of their Coolpo cameras. We provide online and onsite (in selected cities) demos to our customers. Simply book your demo here to learn more!

How to use Coolpo cameras for business development planning

  1. The first step when creating a business development plan is to brainstorm with fellow decision-makers. If not everyone is in the same city, simply have a huddle video with your peers!
Use our 360 conference camera which will surely do the job nicely. Make sure to check out this video if you’re having trouble finding the right angle to feature in your panorama!
  1. From there, you can create a new plan and select the company departments that need proper evaluation. 
  2. The next step is to select the goals that you want to track for each department. You can do this either by going through the list of goals that each department has chosen or by creating new goals. 
  3. Once you have the goals selected, you can start giving feedback to the departments. 
  4. You can give departments feedback about their performance or about the feedback they have provided for themselves. 
  5. You can also give them development plans if you want to provide them with more specific feedback.

Tracking performance

As you track the performance of your departments, you will be able to see employee progress over time. All department heads and top management can have hybrid meetings. Choose whether you need 4k front-facing cameras or simply a huddle camera just like the one used during brainstorming.

In other words, you can keep tabs on each department by meeting them using the best video conference camera – The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Coolpo AI Huddle Mini.

Final Words

Managing employee feedback and development can be difficult, especially with everything else on a decision-maker’s plate. Having reliable tools that manage all of these things can make the process much easier and more efficient. This is where Coolpo camera comes in.