How To Get The Right Talent To Help You Get the Job Done

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If this is your first time hearing about Talent Investing, then chances are you’re not very clear on what it is. The word ‘talent investing’ has become extremely popular in recent times, and many businesses have taken it up a notch by integrating it into their business models. 

But how exactly can you get the right talent to invest in your company? And how do you know if your team is the best for investing in yourself and your company? Let’s find out together! 

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Read on for everything you need to know about getting the right talent for your company, and how to get the best out of each employee.

What is Talent Investing?

There are various types of talent investments, but the three most common types of talent investments are:

  • Full-time, 
  • Contract, and 
  • Contractor. 

A full-time employee can work the whole calendar year, while a contractor can work on a month-to-month contract. Both types of talent investment have their place in the same realm as being hired to work for your company full time-right or wrong-that is, unless you want them to work for a for-profit company for the rest of their lives.

Types of Talent Investing

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising - Heavy on the spend, but still a very effective advertising strategy.
  • Sell-side activities - Profitable but with a low rate of return.
  • Turnover - High turnover, but effective at retaining the best talent.

When to Get the Right Talent for your Company

As with any business, it’s a good idea to start by checking out who is going to work for your company. Some companies prefer to start with higher-ups, while others start with lower-ups. The right person for the job will definitely evolve with the business over time.

How to get the Right Team for your Company

To get the right talent for your company, try to follow these tips:

  • You’ll want to identify the best fit for your company.
  • Know who your ideal employee is, and then find a team that will work for you and for whom you’ll be working for the long term.
  • Pair that “ideal employee” with the right team. 
  • To get the right talent, you’ll want to start with your core staff. 
  • Include in your team the top managers, managers of departments, and general managers.

Remember that the best managers go beyond just keeping the staff on-task and making sure the company goes about its business effectively. They need to be able to see beyond their own performance and into the company’s future. Conducting your interviews carefully will help you get the right person for the job. Use the 360 conference cameras from Coolpo to conduct upgraded interviews via Zoom, MS Teams, or Webex.

Enjoy Futuristic Video Interviews with Talents

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360 Video Interviews

For round table discussions, huddle videos, brainstorming, or panel interviews, choose AI Huddle Pana. It is a 360 conference camera with all-in-one capabilities to ensure convenient meetings. Here are just some of its key features:

  • Fisheye camera that does multiple jobs: shows a panoramic view of the room, actively looks for active meeting participants through their movement and silhouette, and displays individually-focused frames on active meeting participants.
  • 4 Smart Microphones: each one has a pickup range of 15ft and is placed in strategic positions beside the camera to ensure everyone in all directions is heard. They also have beamforming technology that focuses on the persons’ voices and reduces background noises. Lastly, it aids the camera by also looking for active meeting participants by sound, completing our Dual Positioning Technology.
Dual Positioning Technology is when our device uses both sound and visuals to locate active meeting participants. Check it out in action here.
  • All Surround Speaker ensures even remote participants are heard clearly so they aren’t ignored during meetings.

Meetings with Clear Facial Reactions

For group discussions where you’d rather see everybody’s facial reactions and body language all at the same time, choose AI Huddle Mini or Mini Lite. Here are some key features:

  • Choose the Division View Mode to interact with everyone and the whole room all at once. The AI Algorithms capture a live headshot of up to 7 in-room participants framed around a wide-angle shot of the room. Applicable to both the Mini and Mini Lite.
  • Target Master in AI Huddle Mini is basically a group auto-framing shot with a twist. The meeting camera recognizes that if a person raises his palm up for about 10 seconds (near the face), that person then becomes the Presenter. This means the device follows that person within the room.
Check out other AI features such as microphone beamforming, versatile installation, and echo cancellation on our site.

Tips for Newly Hired Managers

Congratulations, you are now the Talent that your company is investing in! After you’ve been offered a job position, you’ll need to become the company manager. This may be the most important position in your company, and it’s the one that decision-makers will interact with the most. Keep this in mind, because if you’re not really interested in what is going on at the company and don’t have the job role or management skills necessary to do it, you won’t be successful. 

Successful company managers are like-minded. They’re always looking for ways to make the company better. That means there’s no such thing as a bad company manager. The best company managers are always looking for ways to make their employees feel welcome, appreciated, and successful. To become the best company manager you can possibly be, you’ll need to:

  • Be willing to take a leadership role in your company 
  • Be willing to work with employees who are less than 100% satisfied with their jobs
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Be able to demonstrate your initiative
  • Be able to share constructive criticism
  • Be able to show respect for others
  • Be able to show empathy
  • Be able to take risks
  • Be able to show leadership
  • Be able to demonstrate your initiative
  • Be able to show respect for others
  • Be able to show empathy 
  • Be able to take risks

Key takeaways

If you’re looking for the right talent for your company, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is finding the right person for the job. Once you’ve found the right person, it’s important to pair them up with the right people. This is so that the team can evolve together over time. If you want strategies to help your company succeed, check out our article on how to hire the right people for the job. If you want a career change, contact your HR manager to ask about open job opportunities at your company. 

You never know what new career opportunities may arise after you leave. Even if you don’t want to work in a business model that involves investing in people, you want to ensure that your retiree is comfortable with the idea. This way, you won’t have to rush back to work when your manager asks you to work. Don’t worry if you didn’t get the right call-ups for the Olympic team. The more experience you have, the better it will feel because you’ll be more likely to adapt and improve as an athlete once you get your fill of the sport.

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