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How To Promote Office Return Via Video Conference Camera

Globally, companies are experimenting with workplace policies on in-office, remote, and hybrid work. Some wanted their employees to go back to the office fully when COVID-19 protocols were put at ease. Yet, remote workers still prefer to work from home or anywhere they like - as this makes them productive, according to Ergotron.

With this, forcing them to go back to the office full-time may not be the right way for you to do it.

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In this article, you will know the strategies on how you can convince your employees to work in the office full-time and the best collaboration tool you can use to entice them.

Effective Strategies To Make Your Employees Say “Yes” To In-Office Work

With the future of work changing how employees do their job, businesses are trying to keep up by reinventing their office space just to cater to all the needs of people who make their business alive and kicking.

Here’s how you can effectively promote a return to the office that will make your employees go back without any hesitations:

  • Provide Upgraded Tech Solutions for Hybrid Work

One of the pet peeves of your employees especially Millenials and Gen Z’s are crappy video solutions and audio quality since it makes them unproductive.

Having this problem, you need to invest in all-in-one video conference equipment that offers the solution to these existing problems just as Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, and Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite.

  • Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

The AI Huddle Pana is a 360 conference camera that you can use as your camera, microphone, and speaker all at once. It caters to 3-15 meeting participants in a small-medium sized conference room.

Here are its other features:

~ 1080p video conference solutions

~ 4 smart microphones with up to 15ft pick up

~ An all-surround sound

~ Dual Positioning Technology

~ Plug-And-Play

~ Compatible with all the mainstream video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

~ Compatible with Windows 11 and later and Mac OS including M1 chip.

  • Coolpo AI Huddle Mini

The AI Huddle Mini is a gesture-control camera that caters to up to 7 meeting participants with individual frames. You can attach it directly to your laptop or computer or you can mount it using your tripod.

Here are its other features:

~ 4k video conference solutions

~ Frame Master

~ Division Master

~ Beamforming Technology

~ Echo Cancellation

~ Background Noise Reduction

~ Compatible with Zoom, Teams, Hangouts, etc.

~ Compatible with Windows 11 and later and Mac OS including M1 chip.

  • Coolpo Mini Lite

Mini Lite is perfect for freelancers, for online teaching, or for employees who love to work anywhere since it is compact and easy to bring.

Here are its other features:

~ 4k video conference solutions

~ Able to identify the first seven meeting participants

~ Real-time auto-tracking

~ Single Framing

~ Group Framing

~ Compatible with Zoom, Meet, Teams, Hangouts, etc.

~ Compatible with Windows 11 and later and Mac OS including M1 chip.

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  • Include Casual and Comfortable Areas to Chill and Work on

It's important that you should create comfortable and inviting spaces in office design to adapt to the remote work trend. These areas and spaces can help improve employee productivity, promote socialization, and encourage workers to return to the office. 

Additionally, such areas can be utilized as social event venues with comfortable seating and tables.

  • Design Spaces for Collaborative Work

Remote work can impede collaboration, so employees often opt to attend brainstorming and project kickoff sessions at the office. Therefore, it's crucial for you to provide collaborative spaces, which should include large and small tables, chairs, benches, video conferencing tools like Coolpo video conference cameras, screens, and charging stations.

  • Make Spaces for Private Meetings

Every office should have spaces for private rooms where you can conduct your meetings and consultation. Small-medium sized rooms are fit for this and you can place one video conference camera and monitor.

  • Provide Office Facilities that Create a Homely Atmosphere for Employees

Employees are more convinced to go back to the office because of some office facilities/amenities like a pantry, game booth, wellness areas, coffee area, etc.

  • A Non-Micromanaging Office Setup

One of the top reasons why the majority of employees hate to be in the office full-time is because of the culture and micromanaging style. As much as possible, with this future of work set up, you need to trust your employees even more that they are doing their job even if you will not check them from time to time.

It's essential for employees to be at ease with the idea of maintaining a balance between work and breaks in the office, and not feel like their break time is being monitored.


In conclusion, as the future of work shifts towards hybrid work arrangements, companies must adapt to the changing needs and preferences of their employees. Rather than forcing a full-time return to the office, businesses can implement effective strategies to encourage a smooth transition, such as providing upgraded tech solutions for hybrid work, designing comfortable and inviting spaces, promoting collaboration and privacy, and creating a non-micromanaging office culture. 

By utilizing innovative video conference equipment like Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, and Coolpo Mini Lite, companies can entice their employees to work in the office with ease and convenience, ultimately creating a more productive and engaged workforce.

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