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Microsoft Teams’ Helpful Changes For Remote Work In 2023

Unified Communication and Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams are working hard and continuously adapting to the ever-changing future of work by upgrading their services for workers, especially in this remote and hybrid work setup.

Microsoft has been making significant changes to its Microsoft Teams platform since January 2023. The company has integrated Meta's Workplace platform into Teams, customizable Team Webinars, and improvement to Team Room’s notification according to UC Today.

In this article, you will know the changes for remote work that Microsoft Teams has done in January 2023. So, keep reading!

Microsoft Teams Changes in January 2023 for Remote Work

Here are the changes that Microsoft Teams made for January 2023 in terms of Teams Meetings, Teams Webinars, Teams Calling, Teams Rooms and Devices, Teams Chat and Collaboration, Teams Management, Teams Frontline Workers, and Teams Government according to UC Today:

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft has added the ability for users to view video recordings and attendance reports directly within their learning management system (LMS). This feature is available through the Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI app. 

With this new update, Teams users can now use navigation controls to view additional videos in the Video Gallery, and they can see videos of other attendees. 

Further, the Teams Meeting toolbar has also been upgraded with dedicated buttons for raising hands and switching between view modes, making it easier to navigate meetings.

Teams Webinars

Microsoft has improved the webinar experience by providing more customization options. When using the webinar template, users will now have access to a new structure with expanded opportunities to tailor registration details and settings to meet the unique needs of each event. This allows for a more personalized and effective webinar experience.

Teams Group Calling

Federated group calling is a new feature of Teams that allows users to start a group Teams call with colleagues outside of their organization directly from a chat. 

This feature includes both video and screen-sharing capabilities, making it easy for users to collaborate and communicate in real-time, even if they are located in different parts of the world. 

The best part is that this feature can be used through an internet connection, without incurring any charges for using a publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). This enhances the ease and efficiency of communication between federated colleagues.

Teams Rooms

Microsoft has added the ability for Teams Rooms on Windows to start a Microsoft Whiteboard during Teams meetings with a one-touch in-meeting share content function from meeting room consoles. The Whiteboard is attributed to the meeting organizer, who has control over access to it. 

Moreover, the in-meeting notifications for Teams Rooms on Windows have been improved to align more closely with the desktop Teams experience, with critical notices requiring user action appearing on the front of the room screen. Information notifications are also available for easy reference.

Teams Chat and Collaboration

Microsoft has added a new feature for Teams users that allows them to view the full chat conversation thread when clicking on search message results. This means that users can now see the entire context of conversations related to their search results, regardless of how old the messages are. 

This enhances the search and discovery experience for Teams users by providing a more complete picture of the conversations they are looking for. 

Teams Management

Developers now have the ability to edit or delete event updates on messages in user-bot chats through access to message events. Also, users can now upload files through the Power Automate portal, which will be visible within the Teams' view details window.

Teams Frontline Workers

Frontline workers now have access to Outlook and Power Apps on Android in addition to Teams. Microsoft has made it easier for frontline workers to use these apps by implementing automatic sign-in and sign-out functionality for all apps that have enabled this feature, streamlining the authentication process. 

This helps frontline workers be more productive and efficient in their work by providing a seamless experience across multiple apps.

Teams For US Government

Microsoft has released new features for its customers in US Government Community Cloud (GCC), US Government Community Cloud High (GCC-High), and the United States Department of Defense (DoD):

  • The new Teams calendar features pop-out scheduling forms for GCC-High and DoD users and can be viewed while creating or modifying a meeting.
  • Meeting and webinar organizers can now view attendance information for Teams on Android and iOS, including webinar registration data.
  • DoD users can now use emojis in meetings, making them more inclusive, engaging, and fun. Also, they can now control video options before and during Teams meetings.
  • GCC-High and DoD users can now automatically view up to 48 video feeds during a Teams meeting.
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Microsoft Teams made significant updates to its platform in January 2023 to adapt to remote and hybrid work. 

These updates include viewing video recordings and attendance reports in the learning management system, customizable webinars, federated group calling, improvements to Teams Rooms notifications, viewing full chat conversation threads, editing or deleting event updates in user-bot chats, and access to Outlook and Power Apps for frontline workers. 

These updates aim to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity for Teams users.

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