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Room Camera on Spotlight with Team’s October Update

MS Teams and Coolpo AI Huddle Webcams on a podium with spotlight.

In the fast-paced world of virtual collaboration, room cameras have kept organizations at the forefront. One of which was able to adapt to fast-paced change is Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams continues leading the charge, bringing exciting updates in its October round-up. As organizations worldwide navigate the complexities of remote work, these enhancements promise to elevate the Microsoft Team's experience. 

In this article, we will dive into the key highlights of Microsoft Teams' latest updates, shedding light on the advancements that promise to elevate the user experience.

Microsoft Team’s Enhance Collaboration Feature

The cornerstone of this October round-up revolves around redefining the video conferencing experience. Microsoft Teams introduces advanced features to make virtual meetings more immersive and engaging. With upgraded video quality and optimized performance, users can expect smoother interactions, fostering a sense of real-time connection.

Here is the plethora of new features and enhancements Microsoft Teams has come up with for October: 

Meetings Feature

In the realm of meetings, Microsoft Teams introduces the Meet app in its new iteration, streamlining meeting preparation and content accessibility. Lively translated transcripts in over 30 languages enhance communication possibilities, while collaborative notes on Teams' mobile platform facilitate synchronized meeting agendas and action items across locations. Notably, new background options, including Portrait Blur, add a touch of professionalism to virtual meetings.

Town Hall and Webinar 

A revamped virtual 'town hall' experience takes center stage, offering a one-to-many platform with expanded capacities, third-party support, and improved features for Teams Premium users. Integrating external presenters seamlessly enhances the collaborative aspect of these events, making them more engaging and informative.

Chat and Collaboration 

Teams now present a revamped channel experience to streamline focus on key topics, stakeholder interaction, and information retrieval. The People app syncs Outlook contacts, simplifying contact management. Teams admins gain control over external collaboration requests in shared channels, enhancing security and access management.

Teams Phone

Microsoft extends Team Calling Plans to include Hong Kong and 35 other markets. Certification of SIP Gateways for overhead paging devices enhances Teams' calling capabilities. Moreover, certifications from Audiocodes and Netcall expand the contact center solutions, underscoring Teams' commitment to telephony excellence.


Mobile users benefit from simplified steps for joining meetings, offering efficiency for multiple accounts or external organizations. Video and audio settings preview before entering meetings streamlines the mobile meeting experience.

IT Administration and Security

Enhancements in controlled-content meeting templates and extended real-time telemetry for Teams Premium users showcase Microsoft's dedication to meeting security and post-meeting insights.


The Workflows app emerges as a powerful tool to automate tasks and integrate information across Teams, Microsoft 365, and other apps, fostering a unified workflow management experience.

Collaboration Apps

New Teams apps, such as Docebo, Domo, Bigtincan, Simpatico, Tigerhall, 1Page, and Atlas, showcase Teams' expanding ecosystem, catering to diverse business needs.

Frontline Workers

Tailoring to frontline workers, Microsoft Teams introduces walkie-talkie home screen customization and enhanced task notifications, contributing to streamlined communication and task management.

Virtual Appointments and Education

SMS notifications in virtual appointment meeting templates and the SharePoint Calendar Webpart in Viva Connections for Education enhance communication and scheduling in virtual appointments and educational settings.

Teams Rooms and Devices

MS Teams is dedicated to keeping up with the pace of technological changes through the Microsoft Teams certification. They have offered diverse options for audio and video devices as collaboration tools. 

Keeping Up with MS Teams Update with Room Camera

Microsoft Teams' October updates signify a commitment to enhancing collaboration across various domains. With improvements in meetings, collaboration, security, and specialized features for frontline workers and education, Teams sets the stage for a more immersive and efficient user experience. 

Unfortunately, MS Teams has pinpointed specific devices that are not budget-friendly for individuals and organizations. With all the fancy updates, it's useless when we cannot use them since those devices are unreachable. But fear not, as Coolpo has created video and audio meeting devices that work well with MS Teams. The Coolpo AI Huddle Room Camera is relatively better in quality and price than others. 

Coolpo AI Huddle Webcam: A Friendly Room Camera for Everyone

To enjoy the MS Team’s newest update, Coolpo can offer 3 different video-audio video conferencing devices: Coolpo Pana, Coolpo Mini Lite, and Coolpo DeskMate. What makes these devices unique is Coolpo’s in-house AI technology called MeetingFlex® Technology. This technology enables the devices to perform different AI features, including auto-tracking, auto-framing, auto-focus, and noise cancellation. It is also a plug-and-play device, which adds to its usefulness. 

Aside from these, Coolpo is dedicated to the security and safety of its users. That is why all CoolpoRoom cameras do not have Bluetooth or WiFi connections to avoid cyberattacks. Also, they don’t have SD card slots, so no important information discussed in the meeting is stored on the device. More importantly, all three have webcam covers. This serves as a temporary privacy cover without turning the room cameras off. 

Getting to Know Coolpo AI Huddle Webcam 

As mentioned above, Coolpo has three room cameras under the Huddle series. Below is each device’s description: 

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

The first in the series is the Coolpo Pana. It is a 360° AI webcam, which is perfect for hybrid meetings, particularly with a large number of onsite participants. Its wide-angle video conferencing ability covers all sides of the rooms, making virtual participants feel that they are in the said location. 

To add to that, this device is not only a webcam. It also serves as an audio device. Coolpo Pana has a 360° speaker and  4 smart microphones with a 15-foot pick-up range. This ensures that all onsite participants are catered to.  

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite 

The next device in the series is the Coolpo Mini Lite. This 4K webcam device has a 120° FOV with additional 60° and 90° FOV adjustments. This device is perfect for individual and group use and can accommodate up to 7 onsite participants. More importantly, this device is not only a webcam. It has an electret microphone with a 6m sound pick-up range that can surely cater to you or your group. 

Coolpo AI Huddle Desk Mate 

The third room camera is the Coolpo Desk Mate, perfect for individual meetings, streaming, and gaming. Like Mini Lite, this device has a 120° FOV but has 2K video quality. Aside from its 360° horizontal twist, this device can be used as a document camera. Its desk flip feature allows you to tilt the device webcam towards your desk, allowing you to show things on top of it. To complete the device's features, it has an electret microphone with a 5m pick-up range, which serves as the device's audio input. 


Aside from room cameras, Coolpo has also shifted to developing software. The first in the line is Voz.AI. It's a noise-cancellation app that helps organizations communicate clearly against background noise. This is perfect when conducting virtual meetings, both for remote and hybrid work.


In summary, Microsoft Teams' October updates bring significant enhancements, but the associated high-end devices may pose financial challenges for some users. Enter Coolpo AI Huddle Room Cameras, a cost-effective solution with quality features that cater to diverse needs, offering practical solutions for hybrid meetings, individual/group use, and versatile applications.

Coolpo's commitment to creating room cameras for accessibility, functionality, and security makes it a user-friendly alternative, ensuring a broader audience can benefit from Microsoft Teams' updates.

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