The Difference Between Baby Monitors And Video Conference Cameras: Which One's Better For You?

If you’re looking for the best option that not only can be used to monitor your baby but also can result in an early review of the parent materialization time of the child (or both), then an AI-based and all-in-one video conference camera is probably the right choice for you. 

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A video conference camera in particular captures video and audio of not just what’s happening but also uses AI to detect and capture motion and sound. This means that what was probably a motionless infant could potentially become a conversation starter rather than just another costly way of keeping an eye on your children. 

This blog will tell you more about these two different cameras, along with other considerations, before making your purchase. So, keep reading!

What is Baby Monitor Architecture?

The baby monitor architecture is the way that a product is designed to work with and interact with an infant. It is the combination of hardware, software, and algorithms that allows the parent device to monitor, control, and interact with the baby. 

The architecture brings together sensors across the body, the platform for which they’re embedded, and a digital parent interface that can be used with the baby’s mobile device. The most obvious example of this is the parent units themselves: there are beaming and remote-only options available, but there are also dedicated technology boards that can be plugged into the nursery or bedroom wall outlets to create an all-in-one solution.

Why Use an All-In-One Video Conference Camera?

The biggest advantage of a video conference camera in the nursery is that it gives you a real-time view of your baby and the world around them. This allows you to forget about the fact that you’re probably in the backyard photographing some birds or construction nearby! 

As a parent, you want to be as in tune with your baby as possible. As a result, you’ll want cameras that are intuitive let you track everything.

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Coolpo AI Huddle Pana - a 360 Conference Camera

The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is a 360 conference camera that gives you a panoramic view of your home and it gives you a full display and multiple frames on your monitor. 

It offers a 4k intelligent video solution; a high-definition of remote meetings and video of monitoring your baby inside your house is definitely achievable.

The Pana is a Plug-and-Play conference camera which means it is easy to set up - just plug the device into your laptop, computer, or mac. It is more secure than any other video conferencing camera in the market because it is not connected through Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.

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What are the Different Types of Baby Monitors

If you’re still considering purchasing a baby monitor despite the versatility of video conference cameras, here is some information about baby monitors.

There are three main types of baby monitors available: sound, light, and video. All three have their merits, but the sound monitor is what many parents look for in a baby monitor. 

  1. SOUND MONITOR: These devices feature a built-in speaker that will let you hear your baby’s breathing. They’ll also let you look through the camera to identify the sound environment and give you instructions if your child’s respiratory rate is getting out of control. 
  2. LIGHT MONITOR: These devices feature a light that is given off and controlled by the app. It will indicate where the baby is located in the room, as well as give you helpful information about where the child may be experiencing a problem. 
  3. VIDEO MONITOR: These are designed for video use, allowing you to see your baby in all aspects of their physical appearance. They can also help you identify other health issues that may be increasing your child’s risk of death.

Differences Between Baby Monitor and an AI-based Camera

The biggest difference between a baby monitor and an AI-based camera is the camera’s design. Whereas a baby monitor typically looks like a regular baby monitor/walkie-talkie, an AI-based camera will have a completely different design and be shaped like a webcam.

This could make it looks like a regular baby monitor, but still, be able to identify and record what’s happening in the room. An AI-based camera automatically activates its recognition function that identifies participants leaving or entering. Also whether sitting or moving, the camera focuses on the sound source, when enabled.

It was said that baby monitor could theoretically be hacked because, as previously reported, there are cases of other cameras in nearby homes picking up a radio signal from someone else's baby monitor. 

This would allow others to see what is happening in your home without your consent. Even if all newer ones come with a password and security safeguards, people can still hack video displays and look inside your home because of wireless vulnerabilities

The new 4K cameras today offer you a secure mode of communication with your baby.

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