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Young Professionals Love Equipment for Hybrid Zoom Meetings

Young professionals love hybrid work

Recently, the work landscape has undergone a significant transformation, with the emergence of hybrid meetings as part of hybrid working. Young professionals, in particular, are enthusiastic about this paradigm shift, as they believe it can positively impact their careers. Embracing a blend of remote and in-office work, young employees see new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and work-life balance.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind young professionals’ optimism about hybrid work and the potential benefits it brings. 

Hybrid Trends in Young Professionals

According to CEMS research, 61% of young professionals who have recently entered the workforce believe that hybrid work benefits their careers. Hybrid working gives them more flexibility, freedom, improved well-being, a sense of value, and reduced expenses.   

On April 1, CEMS conducted another survey of recent graduates. It shows that 25% of them think that hybrid working will not affect their career prospects, while 14% think it will negatively impact them.

Still, with these numbers, it can be concluded that it is still popular and will continue to be popular for the next generation.  

Unlock Hybrid Work Benefits

We already know that hybrid work refers to a work arrangement that combines both remote work and in-office work. Using a hybrid meeting strategy is one way to facilitate the connection between these two worlds.  Based on initial survey results and qualitative interviews conducted by CEMS with young professionals entering the workforce, here are the benefits one can enjoy. 

1. Travel Opportunities

Hybrid work allows employees to have more flexibility in their work schedules. It will enable them to travel and even work while traveling (workcations). This benefit can be particularly appealing to young professionals who enjoy exploring new places and cultures while staying connected with their job.

2. Value and Trust

Having freedom in setting your work schedule gives you a sense of autonomy and empowerment. This makes young professionals in hybrid work settings feel trusted and valued by their employers. This can result in positive emotions and increase job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

3. Broader Access to Jobs

The flexibility of hybrid work opens up opportunities for individuals.  This allows them to take on jobs that may not have been accessible in traditional office-based roles. It can benefit those living in remote areas or with mobility constraints.

4. Cost Effective

Graduates and young professionals interviewed mentioned that hybrid work allows them to save money and time. Living outside big cities and commuting less frequently saves them a significant portion of their salary. This cost-saving aspect can improve their financial situation and overall quality of life.

5. Better Work/Life Balance and Well-being

The most significant benefit of hybrid work that we can all agree on is its flexibility for individuals. Hybrid work gives them time to pursue hobbies, further studies, and participate in other activities. Additionally, the increased time spent with family and friends can positively impact overall well-being.

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6. Greater Focus

Working between the office and home provides employees with opportunities for focus and quiet time when needed. They can be away from the distractions of a busy office setting. This can lead to improved productivity and job performance.

The Future of Hybrid Work

Based on the survey, participants emphasize that they are positive about the idea of hybrid work as it has a lot to offer. The time spent with colleagues in and out of the office is important as it can lead to opportunities, innovation, and learning.

But to enjoy these benefits, organizations must learn how to play their cards well. Giorgio Benassi, Group Head of Talent at H&M Group, said that the same trend in hybrid work among young professionals was noticed based on their analysis. Factors of similarity may be connected to an increase in productivity, time flexibility, and career sustainability. With these, it is in the hands of organizations to achieve coherent hybrid work. Office productivity can be meaningful regardless of location by using the right strategies and finding ways to maximize them.

A similar thought is expressed by Nicole de Fontaines, Executive Director of CEMS. According to the research they have conducted, recent graduates have also viewed hybrid work in a positive light, with all the benefits it offers. Based on the analysis, they are attracted to organizations offering such benefits.

More importantly, recent graduates agree that aside from virtual communication during hybrid work, face-to-face interaction with their colleagues is also needed; thus, most refused full-time remote work. 

Hybrid Meeting Strategy for Hybrid Work

A hybrid meeting strategy involves planning, tools, and practices that empower businesses to conduct inclusive and productive meetings with participants both on-site and remotely. It ensures that every team member, irrespective of location, can actively participate, collaborate, and share ideas. One of the crucial things to do when participating in hybrid work is to invest in technology. Implementing the right tools is fundamental to the success of any hybrid meeting strategy.

With innovative technologies like the Coolpo AI Huddle Series, businesses can conduct meetings that emulate a face-to-face experience, ensuring seamless interactions among all participants. The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and Mini Lite series are designed for effective hybrid meetings to bridge the gap between remote and in-office teams.

Below is a comparison of features between the two devices:



The Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is designed with a  360-degree horizontal FOV  that allows you to capture more expansive areas. This will help you give a wider presentation without getting cut off visually. It also has 4K HD: 3840x2160 @30fps supported resolution for cleared video.

On the other hand, the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite offers a 4K Camera Sensor that supports a 4K video conference camera. Even if the device is small and compact, you’ve got to enjoy a clear hybrid meeting. It also offers 3 different FOVs, 60°, 90°, and 120° horizontal FOVs, which you can use depending on your preference.


Smart Features

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is equipped with MeetingFlex® Technology for Speaker and Gesture Tracker. A dual positioning technology that allows users to be tracked by AI through their voices and gestures.

Similarly, the Mini Lite camera possesses the same MeetingFlex® Technology. By using these devices, you can enjoy the different FOVs, light and audio sensitivity, and 2 different frame modes; Individual and Group modes, and Frame Master, which is perfect if you want a more organized meeting with your group.



The Coolpo Pana has four smart microphones with a 15ft. pick-up range and a 360-degree audio output designed for you to experience superior audio. On the other hand, the Coolpo Mini Lite has an Electret mic and a 6 m sound pick-up range that captures your sound.



The evolution of hybrid work and the integration of hybrid meetings have sparked excitement among young professionals, who see them as catalysts for positive career development. Embracing a blend of remote and in-office work, these young employees are optimistic about the potential benefits that hybrid work brings to the table.

The benefits of hybrid work for young professionals are undeniable.  However, for the future of hybrid work to thrive, organizations must play their part. One way to do this is by using strategies effectively. More importantly, adopting the right tools and technologies, such as the Coolpo Pana and Mini Lite, can ensure seamless and inclusive hybrid meetings that bridge the gap between remote and in-office team members.

The future of hybrid work is promising, with young professionals embracing its benefits and looking for organizations that offer such flexibility. Since young professionals are seizing the opportunities hybrid work presents, organizations must do the same. With the right tools and strategies, businesses can empower their teams for increased productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction.