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Achieve Multi-Stream Magic with 360 Conference Camera

The use of 360 degree conference cameras has been popular among many professionals. It offers a wide-angle video conference experience perfect for hybrid meetings, especially for people participating onsite. 

It has the  ability to show the view of a whole room; you see the meeting participants onsite in one video frame. If a video conference camera offers auto-framing ability, it also offers a wide group shot mode. This makes it difficult for remote participants to see the onsite participants' faces. Microsoft Teams' latest update, as of September 2023, solves this problem by creating a Multi-Stream feature through its Microsoft Cloud IntelliFrame. 

In this article, we will discuss how Team Room’s Multi-Stream and IntelliFrame features solve this wide group shot dilemma. 

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Enhance Visual Clarity With Multi-Stream IntelliFrame 

Microsoft Teams is introducing a technology called "Multi-stream IntelliFrame" that aims to enhance the capabilities of intelligent cameras in the context of Teams meetings. This technology brings several features to the table. 

Here’s what it can offer:

1. High-Resolution IntelliFrame Video Tiles

It promises high-resolution video tiles, providing a more precise and detailed view of meeting participants. This can be particularly useful when participants share visual content or need to see facial expressions and gestures in detail.

2. People Recognition

People recognition is a technology feature that can recognize meeting attendees. It suggests that the camera can identify individuals if they have enrolled in a recognition profile. Traditionally, when meetings occur in physical shared spaces, participant information is sometimes lost. However, introducing voice and face recognition technology in Teams Rooms aims to bridge this gap. This feature can improve the user experience by automatically labeling participants, making it easier to know who is speaking or presenting in a hybrid meeting.

3. Active Speaker Tracking

Active speaker tracking is another valuable feature. The video conference camera can follow and focus on the person speaking, ensuring their video feed is prominent. The camera registers facial and speech signals, which identify the current speaker of the meeting. It also highlights 4 other attendees who recently contributed to the meeting. This can improve the flow of communication in remote meetings, as it helps direct the audience's attention to the active speaker.

4. Room View 

Providing standard or panoramic views of the meeting room is a thoughtful addition. It allows remote participants to better understand the physical context in which the meeting occurs. This can be especially helpful for larger rooms or collaborative spaces. The Multi-Stream supports 360 degrees for a room show or 180 degrees for a room front show (it depends on which partner device is purchased and utilized). It has a wide-angle video conference feature, making everyone, including those in the corner, part of the video. 

5. Multi-Stream Capability

The technology's ability to send individual video feeds of attendees to the MS Teams meeting stage is crucial. It ensures that each participant can have their video stream labeled with their name, making it easier for everyone to identify and interact with each other. Additionally, having names displayed in the meeting roster enhances organization and participation.

How To Achieve Teams Multi-Stream Feature: Options 

This multi-stream feature is only available to MS Teams, as it is the latest update to improve the user experience during hybrid meetings. It is best to use the said feature with intelligent cameras to facilitate this. Only two brands currently support this feature. 

But what happens when you don't have this video conference camera? Although the features are highly useful, users may not enjoy them fully without the dedicated video conference cameras provided by Microsoft Teams brand partners.

What’s frustrating is that you won't be able to enjoy the said feature when using another virtual conferencing platform since it's only exclusive to them.

The multi-stream feature is achievable on all mainstream video conference platforms thanks to Coolpo’s AI Huddle Pana and AI Huddle Mini Lite. Also, these room cameras are flexible. It can be used with any leading video conferencing platform available on the market. This means multi-streaming is possible using Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, MS Teams, and many more.

Multi-streaming using Coolpo Video Conference Cameras

Coolpo products leverage video conference AI technology to optimize video displays for remote participants. The AI Huddle Pana has a panoramic view. From this 360-degree view, the AI takes note of movement and sounds to identify people in the onsite meeting area. It then displays up to three separate frames on top of the panorama to allow people to be seen more clearly whenever they speak or contribute gestures to the meeting.

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Hybrid meeting using AI Huddle Pana

The AI Huddle Mini Lite, on the other hand, has multiple AI functions for groups and individuals. To learn more about these features:

  • Frame Master Individual Mode
  • Frame Master Group Mode
  • Division Master (Gallery view)
  • Background Noise and Echo Cancellation

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Microsoft Teams' Multi-Stream IntelliFrame technology brings a new level of clarity as it collectively enhances the meeting experience, making it more engaging, organized, and inclusive for all participants. Unfortunately, the Multi-Stream feature is exclusive to Microsoft Teams and has specific 360 conference camera requirements. This limitation could frustrate those without the required cameras or those not using Microsoft Teams.

Fortunately, Coolpo Pana, with its 360 conference camera and Mini Lite’s 4K webcam, is equipped with AI tricks to offer flexibility and compatibility with various video conferencing platforms. This means that achieving the Multi-Stream feature and its benefits is now more accessible, regardless of your preferred video conferencing platform. As technology evolves, the quest for seamless and immersive hybrid meetings continues, and innovative solutions like Multi-Stream IntelliFrame, Coolpo Pana, and Mini Lite lead the way in making it a reality.

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