How to Create a top-notch WFH Video Conferencing Setup with a 360 Conference Camera

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With remote working growing and more employees telecommuting, video conferencing is becoming more important in the workplace.

However, it’s not enough to just have a video conferencing system: you need to create a setup that makes your employees feel like they are in the same room. There are many systems that allow you to see and talk to another person across long distances, but good video conferencing requires so much more than that.

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There need to be visual cues, soundproofing, and even scents included. The entire environment must be tailored to make remote workers feel as if they're in the same room together.

Read on to know how you can achieve this with your WFH setup. 

Decide on the Purpose of your Video Conferencing Room

The first thing to decide when creating a top-notch WFH environment is what purpose your video conferencing room will serve. Will it be a general room for any video conferencing, or will it be a dedicated room for specific teams? Will it be used for one-on-one meetings, or will it be a room for all your employees to meet together? Does it double as a focus room for when you do not want to be disturbed?

The general purpose of your video conferencing room will dictate the environment you need to create. If it’s a general room, you need to include all the elements that make it a great place to have a meeting. If it’s a team room, you need to keep the elements that make it a place for that team to feel comfortable. 

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High-Quality Internet is a Must

The most important part of any video conferencing system is having high-quality internet. Low internet speeds are the single most important factor in having a poor video conferencing experience. Always check your preferred video conference platform’s bandwidth requirements before you start your meeting using a new system.

You don’t want to have a WFH setup where the internet is poor in the office, but where it’s great in the home office. This is why you should have a system where you can control the quality of the internet in the home office. If you’re using an office-managed internet service, you may not have much control over the bandwidth available to your remote employees. This can lead to video conferencing where the quality is poor.

Comfortable Seating is Essential

Remote workers rely on being able to sit in a comfortable and quiet environment when they work from home. They don’t have the distraction of office chatter, so they need to create their own comfortable environment. This is why many offices are using comfy seating, but it’s also why you need to create a remote working environment that’s even cozier than an office. You need to include visual cues that make remote workers feel like they’re in the same room together.

Install an All-In-One Video Conferencing Camera with a Microphone and Speaker

The microphone and speaker are two of the most important parts of any video conferencing system. You need to make sure that both sides of the conversation can hear each other clearly. The microphone should be placed where the speaker can easily reach it. This is normally just above the screen on a monitor. The speaker should be placed in a place where it can be heard by the rest of the team. It can either be on the same desk as the screen, or it can be placed on a speaker stand.

The Pana, the flagship product of Coolpo, can be used as your microphone, speaker, and camera.

Add Visual Cues to Help Remote Employees

Visual cues can be both simple and effective at helping remote workers feel like they’re in the same room together. Create a welcoming space by placing scented candles on your desk.

Make sure that you choose scents that are conducive to working: Something like rose or lavender scents. You can also make sure that there are visual cues on the screen itself. This is where you can use screen overlays to help remote workers feel more like they are in the same room together. This could be a visual guide on how to use the video conferencing system, or it could be a guide on how to use the system to get things done.


There are remote working solutions available for every business, but the most important thing is to make sure that your remote workers feel like they are in the same room together. The best way to do this is to create a dedicated video conferencing room with high-quality internet, comfy seating, and visual cues to help remote employees feel welcome. And of course, a reliable 360 conference camera that you can use universally!


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