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Huddle Cameras: 55% Gen Z Grads Prefer Remote/Hybrid Work

New graduates are the Gen Z in 2023

The use of huddle cameras has become prominent all over the continent due to the popularity of remote work and online classes. As the class of 2023 graduates from educational institutions across the country, the workforce is about to welcome a fresh wave of young professionals: Generation Z. 

Known for their tech-savvy nature and digital upbringing, this generation brings new perspectives and preferences to the workplace. Surprisingly, recent surveys indicate that 55% of Gen Z graduates from the class of 2023 have shown a strong inclination towards remote or hybrid work setups. 

This article delves into why Gen Z prefers remote or hybrid work as their preference for future work. 

Gen Z’s Perspective on the Rise of Hybrid Work and Remote Work 

For Gen Z, remote work is not just a temporary solution but a preferred way of life. Having grown up in the era of advanced technology and digital connectivity, they are comfortable and adept at handling virtual environments. The class of 2023, in particular, has experienced the transformation of education during the pandemic, further strengthening their confidence in remote learning and collaboration.

Here are a few insights into their preferences:

1. Positive IT Experience

Key findings from a study regarding Gen Z’s preferences and attitudes towards remote and hybrid work and their expectations regarding the IT onboarding experience in the workplace show the following:  

  • Some Gen Z students graduating this year (55%) prefer remote or hybrid work arrangements over traditional in-office setups, as they are more open to flexible work options that allow them to work from home or split their time between the office and remote locations.
  • It also highlights a portion (38%) of Gen Z respondents who say that the biggest barrier to finding their dream job is the requirement of working from the office five days a week. 
  • Gen Z candidates attach significant importance to a positive IT onboarding experience, with the majority (94%) of respondents rating it as "somewhat important" or "very important. 
  • The study also reveals that 90% of Gen Z employees are comfortable with their IT teams working remotely, providing support virtually. 

2. Modern Tool that Supports Work 

Using modern tools that support work is one of the expectations and priorities of Gen Z candidates regarding IT.  Here are some valuable insights into technology's role in attracting and retaining talent from this generation and the key factors that can lead to job satisfaction or dissatisfaction: 

  • 51% value having the right IT infrastructure and tools and would quit if necessary tools and technology were lacking. 
  • Outdated technology (30%) and poor IT support (23%) are the two major turn-offs for Gen Z.
  • 92% of Gen Z consider the importance of the speed of IT support, where 30.5% expect a resolution within a day, 25% within 1-2 hours, and 17% in less than an hour. 

3. Understanding and Supportive Employee 

Generation Z is shaping the future of the corporate world, and the future depends on how organizations integrate them effectively into the workforce. As organizations work to retain talent, Gen Z prefers the following: 

4. Provides IT Support 

The changing landscape of the workforce highlights the importance of modernizing IT support to meet the needs of a global hybrid workforce. It emphasizes that organizations must adapt to the preferences of Gen Z employees and must take note of these points: 

  • Changing workforce dynamics as the workforce evolves and is influenced by the new generation. 
  • Modernizing IT support for a global hybrid workforce capable of supporting different setups. 
  • Meeting Gen Z's job expectations and preferences to attract and retain top talent from this generation.
  • Simplifying employee onboarding and providing necessary technology and resources vital for job performance.  

Huddle Cameras: Latest IT Support for Gen Z Remote Workers

The way we work has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and Gen Z is leading the charge toward a more flexible and technology-driven workforce. With many employees embracing remote work, the demand for advanced IT support and cutting-edge tools has never been greater. Coolpo, a creator of Huddle cameras, has introduced two game-changing devices in their Coolpo AI Huddle Series, the Coolpo Pana and Mini Lite, to cater specifically to the needs of Gen Z remote workers. 

Explore the impressive features of the Coolpo AI Pana and Mini Lite and how they empower Gen Z.

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

The Coolpo AI Pana is the ultimate all-in-one camera solution, designed with a 360-degree horizontal FOV. The AI feature gives way to its dual positioning technology, which allows participants to be tracked by AI through their voices and gestures. It also has four smart microphones with a 15 ft pick-up range and 360-degree audio output, adding to its uniqueness—a truly modern huddle camera for the modern workforce. 

Coolpo AI Huddle Mini Lite 

For Gen Z professionals who require a versatile and feature-rich camera, the Coolpo Mini Lite is the perfect fit. It has a 4K Camera Sensor that offers a 4K video conference camera placed in a compact frame with 60°, 90°, and 120° horizontal FOV, which you can bring and use anywhere you want.

One of the standout features of the Mini Lite is its different AI and non-AI features that users can easily process. An AI-supported feature that allows light and audio sensitivity and different frame modes; Individual and Group modes, and Frame Master. With its compact size, the device has an Electret mic with a 6m sound pick-up range, which lives up to its portability, making it a camera on the go. 


As the class of 2023 graduates and enters the workforce, organizations need to adapt to the preferences and expectations of Gen Z professionals. With 55% of Gen Z graduates expressing a strong inclination towards remote or hybrid work setups, it is evident that remote work is here to stay and should be embraced by employers.

Understanding the key factors that attract and retain Gen Z talent is crucial. Gen Z seeks positive IT experiences, modern tools that support their work, and understanding and supportive employers. To cater to the needs of remote Gen Z workers, innovative solutions like the Coolpo AI Pana and Mini Lite huddle cameras are cutting-edge devices that empower Gen Z to excel in their remote work setup. 

As we move forward, organizations must continue to prioritize technology and IT support to meet the demands of this tech-savvy generation. By embracing the latest tools and providing a supportive and flexible work environment, employers can attract and retain top Gen Z talent and ensure a bright future for their workforce in the digital age. 

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