Return to office with the right conference room camera


It is an era of technology; everything can be now controled and managed online. Everyone in this world now wants and needs to stay updated with the latest technology. New developments have changed many things at professional levels. Another fantastic factor introduced in this age of technology is "video conferencing." Now we do not need to sit in one place for a meeting or conference; it can now be done online. So, if you want to conduct a meeting online with high-quality video calling, we have the best option for you. We have all in one the best 360-degree intelligence conferencing technology "Coolpo Al Huddle PANA." Here we are going to tell you about it in detail.

What is PANA?

PANA is the best of all intelligence video conferencing/E meeting solutions. It contains meeting flex, which has the latest artificial intelligence technology. Audio and video detection are also available. It also has an exceptional 360-degree camera and a good range microphone with all surrounded speakers covering all sides. No doubt, it is best to use it. We can have the best video conferencing experience using it.

Why PANA is the best video conferencing device for teams

PANA gives the best video conferencing experience. It is best for teams; it gives them the best results. It does not matter how much distance you are from your team and colleagues. PANA gives you explicit facial expressions and the unambiguous body language. It is the best for a small space of collaboration with less than 15 people at once. A team can interact with each other with the best quality of video and audio: understandable gestures and audible high definition voice.

Easy to setup

The free installation of the USB drive is readily available just needs to plugin, and it will be played automatically. Its encoding is also best because it adapts all the mainstream professional online meetings and video conferencing software and apps, connecting you with anyone around the globe.

Gives a feel like a real meeting

Its 360-degree area covering advanced technology camera covers everything and gives you the best visuals, and its mighty mic and speakers with the best quality make everything audible to you. Its automatic personal detection feature and the speaker tracking system give you a feeling that you are interacting with someone sitting in the same room with you. You can keenly focus on your meeting by using it.

Latest Intelligence technology

New technology with advanced features has been used in it, transparent visual algorithms that enable a zoomed view in the video with smooth adjusting controls and easy groping options. Everyone needs the best quality calling while attending or conducting an online meeting to use their time in the best meeting method and want everything easy to understand. Voice positioning is also available with background noise blur, an echo cancellation with human voice detection, and much more. These features make every single word easily understandable.

Why video conferencing is essential now, and why PANA is the best?

In this era of technology, many new forms of businesses have been introduced, and most of them are home-based or international communication-based. These long-distance businesses and organizations require to stay in touch with their employees or team members. The easiest method to conduct a meeting or interaction with the staff or team members is video conferencing via the internet. As we already mentioned, there are many available things in the market, and no doubt, every product has its features. Still, PANA is something unique with its advanced intelligence technology.

How can you save your office space via video conferencing? And why should you select PANA?

You can save lots of your office space and conference room traveling costs. You can save your time and money, and your team can quickly attend the meetings with no trouble, without traveling, and without stress while staying at home. You don't need to reserve a meeting hall; you don't need a big projector to present your presentations to every attendee of the meeting; you can do it easily with your PC.

You do not have to pay rents, and you do not need to disturb your schedule working place. In this age of technology, it is the best way to conduct meetings online. Pana is the best device because it can cover more about 15 people at once sitting in one same place. It provides you the best quality of audio and video. If you are looking for the best and want to save you office space and other expenses you are spending on conducting meetings with your tea members. So, sit at your home and relax, conduct an online meeting with all your staff members, interact with them, and add some interesting factors in your daily routine meetings. Use PANA as you know it has the best features you deserve the best.

Important features

Its 360-degree lens has face detection and human detection. Advance Microphone technology with speaker tracking and detection. It has advance zooming technology.


We are living in an age of technology. Everything has been developed now, so the methods of interaction with the peoples in a meeting have also changed. The new methods of conducting a meeting have also been introduced, an online video conferencing need. We need to match the needs of the time, so we should also save our time and money. Everyone requires the best video and quality for their team members. Clear audio and video make every word and expression easy to understand, and it also adds some interest in the formal meetings. There are many devices available for conducting online meetings, but we are presenting you the best among all PANA unique video conferencing devices with advanced features. PANA provides you the best video and audio. It saves your time and money makes your meetings interesting for your staff members. So, you must select it because you deserve the best.