Tips for Successfully Working in a Global Hybrid Team

In the past, the collaboration between teams was limited to local projects and huddle videos. Nowadays, global hybrid teams are common. This new type of team requires a different approach to collaboration and management.

Working in a hybrid team offers many advantages such as faster project execution, a better understanding of customer needs, and quicker resolution of issues. But hybrid teams also come with challenges. Collaborating across time zones, cultures, and communication channels is very different from working in a single office and requires specific skills from every member of the team. Not to mention the uniqueness of hybrid huddle video setups.

Working in a hybrid team requires different planning and management skills compared to local teams. In this blog post, we explain the main challenges when working in a hybrid team, review best practices for successful collaboration, outline tips for managing a distributed team efficiently and suggest useful tools for your virtual team that will improve your work day after day.

Tips for Working in a Global Hybrid Team

A global hybrid team is a type of workplace that involves people who work in different locations across the world. They are hybrid because these teams are a mix of people who may or may not report daily to the office. These teams are made up of people who are connected through technology (e.g. huddle video), and they often work together to accomplish a shared goal. To work effectively in a global hybrid team, you��ll need to be flexible and efficient. It��s important to be open to new ideas and ways of working, as well as to communicate effectively with your colleagues in different time zones. You��ll also need to be comfortable with delegating responsibility and communicating openly with your team members. One of the biggest challenges for a global hybrid team is communication. Because you��re working with people from different locations, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page about things like deadline dates. You��ll also have to make sure that you don��t compromise your own standards or values when working with people from other areas.

Build a Culture of Transparency and Trust

Building a culture of trust and transparency is key to building a company with high-performing teams. Trust and transparency are the main ingredients that enable employees to feel like they are not only listened to but also respected and valued for their contributions. If employees don't feel valued, then they will not be motivated to perform at their peak level. If employees don't feel respected, then they will likely be distracted from doing their best work and will ultimately underperform. Trust and transparency go hand in hand. If you build a culture of trust and transparency, then your employees will be more likely to share information with one another. This sharing of information is crucial because it helps employees learn from one another and collaborate on projects that benefit the entire team. A great way to build a culture of trust and transparency is by making sure that employees feel comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns. Your huddle videos together should be composed of collaboration and teamwork, not of prying and micromanaging. By making sure that employees feel safe talking openly about issues that they may be worried about or concerned about, you can build a culture where people feel like they can be honest with one another and can truly trust each other.

Be Attentive to Remote Collaboration Etiquette

Remote collaboration can be a challenge, especially when you��re working with people who live across the world. These people may not prioritize remote work etiquette the same way as someone who is physically present in the office. This can mean that they may accidentally put off important tasks, forget to respond to emails, or make mistakes on their end. While there are things that you can do to mitigate this situation, it��s still important to be respectful of your remote colleagues and take the time to address their concerns. By being attentive to their needs, you can help them feel more comfortable in their surroundings and reduce any potential friction. For example, if you notice that someone is running low on coffee and has been making frequent trips to the kitchen for a refill, don��t assume that they don��t know how to brew a fresh pot of coffee. Instead, offer to make some fresh brews during your next break so that they have more options when they are on-site. When on huddle videos, make sure everyone is seen and heard. Invest in the right technology to include everyone in all the meetings that they should be part in.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

If you want to work effectively in your global hybrid teams, you must possess a great tool to help you to communicate with others. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one 360 conference camera developed by Coolpo company that aims at providing a perfect video conferencing experience for its customers!

 Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one conference room camera that has been featured in different exhibits and media. It is ideally placed at the center of the conference table or at the middle of the room. The Pana has AI features that help in creating immersive meeting experiences. It boasts plug-and-play technology so if you��re in a hurry to start a meeting, you can definitely use the Pana on the go! However, if you wish to upgrade the firmware you can download CoolpoTools to avail of the following special features:

��       Reduce the number of frames featured in your video feed

��   Enable Automode

��   Enable/disable the 360-panorama at the bottom

��   customize individual frames to focus on specific parts of the room

��       block some parts of your room so that the AI will not pick them up (not applicable to the panorama strip)


While the term ��hybrid team�� may sound like an oxymoron, these teams actually work quite well. The main advantages are the ability to access a wider range of talent (including people with different experience or skill sets), the ability to innovate quickly with the cross-pollination of ideas, and the ability to build a stronger sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Make sure to respect and trust people according to how you want your team to grow. To do so, you must also invest in the right technology made by trustworthy companies. Coolpo offers online meeting devices that maximize your huddle videos. Where everyone needs to be seen and heard, Coolpo products are the best option for you.

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