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Video Conference Camera 2023: Why Workers Value Hybrid Work

In the last two years, job openings that offer the option to work from home or hybrid work setup have been very common. This has changed how you usually work and has given employees more control over their work schedules and location.

Today, employees prefer a mix of working from home and working in the office, and it's become normal to switch between the two. Employers and employees have both changed their preferences, leading to a greater focus on flexible and hybrid work.

In this article, you will know the reasons why workers value hybrid work more than going back to the office full-time.

Flexibility And Productivity On Hybrid Work Setup

As the COVID-19 pandemic is not impacting how businesses and other things operate now, more workers are being asked to return to the office, even if they would rather work remotely.

McKinsey reports that 87% of Americans desire a work environment that offers both in-person and remote work options. Despite recent trends toward mandatory in-office work, many workers remain resistant to this change. 

Some workers who were initially allowed to work from home are finding ways to resist, such as briefly visiting the office to socialize and get coffee before returning home to work or “coffee badging”.

Workers lean toward the idea that they are more productive when they have autonomy over their work schedule and workspace.

Key Findings Why Workers Value Hybrid Work More

Here are the reasons why workers refuse to work in the office full-time and hybrid work setup is non-negotiable:

  • In 2022, more individuals are choosing to work remotely compared to 2021. There is a 24% increase in the number of people working completely remotely and a 16% increase in those who prefer hybrid work. Meanwhile, there is a 24% decline in the number of people who want to work solely in the office.
  • In the previous year, nearly 29% of workers found new jobs, and an additional 9% are currently searching for jobs.
  • If they could no longer work from home, 66% of workers would look for a job with more flexible work arrangements, and 39% would quit their current job.
  • More small companies with 10-50 employees are requiring their workers to come back to the office, while fewer large companies with over 10,000 employees are doing the same.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, only 36% of employers have improved their video conferencing technology.
  • 62% of workers claimed that they are more productive when they work from home.
  • Nearly 45% of workers report that their level of work-related stress has somewhat or significantly increased over the past year.
  • Almost half of the workers believe that managers perceive those working in the office as more hardworking and reliable than those working remotely.
  • When working from home instead of the office, hybrid workers save $19.11 every day.
  • 52% of workers are willing to accept a pay reduction of at least 5% to have flexibility in their work location. Additionally, 23% would take a pay cut of 10% or more for this flexibility.

Employees’ Preference For Hybrid And Flexible Work Environments

When Coolpo breakdown remote work employees' preference on the number of days they want their company to be offered them, based on its Hybrid Work Report 2022, 32% of them want to have more than 5 days of working from home or anywhere.

Additionally, 10% and 16% of them want to have 4 days and 3 days, respectively. Moreover, 18% chose to have days of working remotely, 11% decided to implement it to just one day, and 13% said there should be no options for working from home.

Source: Coolpo                                                                

Industries Where Hybrid Work And Remote Work Are Sustainable

Coolpo also surveyed employees across various industries to know what industries will be sustainable when implementing hybrid work and remote work setups and based on the data collected, they arrived at this conclusion.

Based still on the Hybrid Report 2022, Computer and Mathematical Industries are one of the industries that will be sustainable in hybrid and remote work setups with 52% operating full-time remote work and 37% hybrid.

Another industry is Business/Financial Operations with 61% operating full-time remotely and 25% hybrid. Moreover, Architecture/Engineering is also included with 47% full-time remote and 35% hybrid; Office/Administrative Support with 33% full-time and 27% hybrid; Educational Instruction/Library with 22% full-time remote and 28% hybrid; and lastly, Sales industry where it 

operates 29% full-time remote and 16% hybrid.

Source: Coolpo

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The pandemic has caused a shift in the way people work, with more employees wanting a mix of working from home and in the office - hybrid work. Workers value hybrid work due to the flexibility it offers and the increased productivity it provides. 

Many workers are resistant to mandatory in-office work and prefer jobs that offer both in-person and remote work options. 

Moreover, Computer and Mathematical, Business/Financial Operations, Architecture/Engineering, Office/Administrative Support, Educational Instruction/Library, and Sales industries are among the industries that are sustainable when implementing hybrid and remote work setups.

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