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Video Conference Camera: Why Hybrid Meetings Need to Work 

As hybrid work is being normalized by most businesses, hybrid work meetings are in the picture as well. 

In hybrid meetings, there are meeting participants in the office and those who work from home or anywhere. In this setup, there are challenges that remote work employees may face such as poor audio quality, people talking over each other in the meeting room, audio delays that make it difficult to participate, or the meeting leader not paying attention to them.

This can lead to poor collaboration and communication that may affect the goals and objectives of your business project.

In this article, you will know why you need to make your hybrid meetings work.

5 Reasons You Need To Make Your Hybrid Meetings Work

If you are in a conference room with your coworkers during a hybrid work meeting, it can be easy to unintentionally overlook your colleagues who work remotely. This happens because you tend to naturally pay more attention to and feel closer to people who are physically nearby.

This is where the problems with hybrid meetings come in. With this, here are 5 reasons why you need to successfully conduct your hybrid meetings.

  1. When you work from home, you rely more on digital tools to work and collaborate with others and attend remote work meetings constantly. Even though this has benefits, it can also be stressful due to non-stop notifications and meetings one after the other. 

         This can cause difficulties in concentrating on your work, low productivity levels, and forgetting to take breaks.

          To avoid this, you should try to balance technology with your personal life. Make sure to give yourself a break from the screen and attend your weekly or monthly           meetings at your office.

  1. When you work from home, you might concentrate more on your own work than on building connections with others and collaborating together.

         However, teamwork is crucial for keeping the organization strong. To maintain these relationships, you need to work on developing company culture, improving          relationships with coworkers, collaborating more with other teams, and spending quality time together in the office.

  1. The Microsoft 2022 work trend index found that almost 40% of people were uncertain about when or why they should go to the office. If you have to spend 45 minutes commuting just to attend virtual meetings all day, you might begin to question whether it's worth going to the office at all. 

         To make the commute more worthwhile, it's important to make the most enjoyable aspects of being in the office better, like talking and interacting with others in          person.

  1. When everyone is in the same room, it can be easier to communicate and collaborate effectively during a meeting. 

          For example, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice can all be important factors in effective communication, and these may be more difficult to pick          up on in a virtual meeting.

         To ensure that virtual meetings are just as effective as in-person meetings, it's important for teams to establish guidelines and best practices for different types of          meetings. 

         For example, guidelines could be established for how to conduct brainstorming sessions, how to handle conflicts, and how to keep everyone engaged during long          virtual meetings.

  1. A study from 2017 found that many leaders felt that meetings were stopping them from getting their work done and that they were not helpful or efficient. Additionally, many people felt that meetings didn't bring teams together. 

         While hybrid meetings may make some of these problems worse, it also gives you an opportunity to make meetings better by using technology to collaborate more          effectively. 

         Meetings have never been perfect but you can improve them now by using technology to provide structure and smarter ways of working together.

Ways To Rebuild A Better Hybrid Meeting Culture

Here are some ways to rebuild a better hybrid meeting culture:

  • Create clear meeting guidelines

Establish guidelines for how meetings should be conducted, including expectations for participation, use of technology, and overall meeting structure. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and meetings are productive.

  • Encourage active participation from all attendees

Encourage all meeting participants to participate in meetings, regardless of whether they are attending in person or remotely. This can help ensure that everyone's voice is heard and that meetings are more collaborative.

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  • Use Coolpo video conference cameras to your advantage

Use technology to enhance the meeting experience, such as by using collaborative tools such as video conference cameras, video conferencing software, or screen sharing. This can help ensure that remote attendees feel more engaged and included in the meeting.

One of the best video conference cameras you can use during your hybrid meetings whether you’re at the office or you work from home is the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana.

The AI Huddle Pana is a 360 conference camera that supports 1080p video conference solutions, 360-degree FOV, 4 smart microphones, and an all-surround speaker.

Its Dual Positioning Technology allows AI to track active meeting participants through gestures and voices.

Also, its Plug-And-Play feature makes it easy to use and more secure to use than other video conferencing devices that are connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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  • Be respectful of everyone's time

Make sure meetings start and end on time, and avoid scheduling unnecessary or back-to-back meetings. This can help ensure that everyone has time to prepare for meetings and that they are not overly stressful or disruptive.

  • Provide opportunities for socializing and team-building

Schedule time for team-building activities or informal socializing, whether in person or virtually. This can help foster better relationships between team members and make meetings more enjoyable.

Rebuilding a better hybrid meeting culture requires being intentional about how meetings are conducted and using technology and other resources to create a more productive, collaborative, and engaging meeting experience for everyone involved.


Hybrid meetings are becoming increasingly common as more businesses adopt hybrid work arrangements. However, there are challenges to effectively conducting hybrid meetings, such as poor audio quality, communication issues, and lack of engagement. 

To address these issues, businesses should establish clear guidelines, encourage active participation from all attendees, and use technology, such as the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, to enhance the meeting experience for remote attendees. 

By doing so, businesses can rebuild a better hybrid meeting culture that is more productive, collaborative, and engaging for all.

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