What is a Hybrid Work Model? And Why You Should Consider It!

Hybrid work aided by 360 conference cameras is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, government offices, and school districts. The cost of technology is continually dropping and the ease of use continues to improve. As a result, companies are increasingly investing in tech that can support their new hybrid environment. This is especially the case with millennials, who are much more comfortable with technology than any other previous generation.

Hybrid work models refer to a combination of on-premises and remote working schedules that work together in perfect harmony. A hybrid environment allows employees to take advantage of the best features from both worlds �C less commute time, effective collaboration solutions that allow them to work where they prefer, and more. 

This blog post will explain exactly what makes a hybrid environment so useful and why you should consider implementing one! 

What is a Hybrid Environment?

Hybrid Environment is a new working model where people can work in a different way from the traditional understanding of business. A hybrid work environment blends together the best aspects of different working models to get the best of all worlds. Generally, a hybrid work model allows employees to be at the office for a few days per week and remotely the rest of the time via a conference room camera (e.g. 360 conference camera). And they can communicate with their colleagues through the screen without meeting face to face. And the reason why it was named a hybrid environment, is because people can choose to work at the office, at a remote location, or at home. It may look different among organizations, but it typically includes the onsite presence of a core group, while people are free to come and go as they please, within reason. And even when people are in the office, they can have a video conference with their customers or partners through the highly developed technical devices, in that way, they don��t need to spend much money and time to meet them.

Why You Should Consider a Hybrid Environment

The number one purpose of a hybrid workplace is to give employees flexibility in how and where they work and offer a better work-life balance. Employees should feel able to alternate between home and the office seamlessly in a hybrid work model��without a dip in productivity. Before we have a hybrid work environment, people may need to spend a lot of time coming to one certain place to meet other people in order to satisfy the need for communication: They need to set time and place, and they need to consider many difficulties and unexpected conditions on the way.

And the second reason for us to consider working in a hybrid environment is that it will give the company more chances to expand its business. Companies are no longer confined to hiring only the people in their own country but also people from different places. An example can be one company named Coolpo. They develop video conferencing devices. These have not only helped their customers have a more comfortable and flexible working experience but also enabled them to have a hybrid/remote work environment for their employees. Companies who want to expand their business scale have to consider this kind of working environment in order to realize the promise of the optimistic development of their businesses. 

What Is Included in a Hybrid Environment?

What is needed if one company wants to develop a hybrid environment for its employees? First of all, they need to set complete rules to promise the normal operation of their systems. For example, which days can employees work remotely and when they should be in the office. Management should consider thoroughly and study the successful examples of other companies. Scheduling is important so that the office does not become too crowded or that spaces become unused for long periods of time.

Secondly, and the most important one, is that the company should invest in good technology or device to support their remote working model. If the devices are not of good quality, it is impossible for them to save time. It will cause a loss of time and energy. Since the first appearance of video conferencing devices, there have been different brands on the market. Some provide an immersive meeting experience while others bring bad online meetings. The key point of the devices is that they should provide clear images, provide as much detail as possible (e.g. facial expressions, body language), and provide the ability to hear and be heard during online meetings.

In the following chapter, I��ll give you an example of an excellent 360 conference camera for your meeting rooms and hybrid work scenario.

360 conference camera

Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one 360 conference camera developed by Coolpo company that aims at providing a perfect video conferencing experience for its customers!

 Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is an all-in-one conference room camera that has been featured in different exhibits and media. It is ideally placed at the center of the conference table or at the middle of the room. The Pana has AI features that help in creating immersive meeting experiences. It boasts plug-and-play technology so if you��re in a hurry to start a meeting, you can definitely use the Pana on the go! However, if you wish to upgrade the firmware you can download CoolpoTools to avail of the following special features:

  • Reduce the number of frames featured in your video feed
  • Enable Automode
  • Enable/disable the 360-panorama at the bottom
  • customize individual frames to focus on specific parts of the room
  • block some parts of your room so that the AI will not pick them up (not applicable to the panorama strip)

 If you want to carry out a hybrid environment in your company, you must consider this product, it will be a good start for the change in your business. Moreover, the Pana has incredibly reliable after-sales services that rival that of other premium-paid services.


If there has been an opportunity for business development over the past two years, it is the new work model brought about by COVID-19. Hybrid working has given us the ability to re-imagine the workplace and the opportunity to optimize it. But for hybrid workplaces to succeed, they must be carefully planned and executed, rather than treated as a novelty experiment.

The pandemic will eventually end, but its legacy will remain���� hybrid and remote work environments will last and benefit many individuals and companies worldwide. If you are already experimenting with a Hybrid Work Model, you might want to consider investing in a 360 conference camera. Make sure you choose a brand that has reliable devices that allows you to have immersive and hassle-free meeting experiences every single time. 

If you want a live demo of the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana and other devices from Coolpo, please don��t hesitate to contact us.