Where to Find 360 Conference Cameras

An online meeting using a 360 conference camera is essentially one in which all participants can see and hear each other from any direction. In this kind of meeting, anyone can see and hear the person speaking at any time and from any point in the room. This is why camera positioning is so important for a 360 conference camera. To create an immersive experience that allows your audience to feel like they��re actually sitting in on your meeting, you'll need the right equipment. Of course, not everyone has access to the latest high-end camera options or recording software �C not to mention a dedicated video conferencing suite! Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market that won��t break the bank but will still provide excellent results. Here's where we tell you Where To Find The Best 360 Conference Cameras (And What You Need To Know!)


What You Need To Know Before Buying

360 conference cameras provide remote participants with a full view of the meeting room without wearing a dedicated VR camera. Instead of a personal experience, everyone gets the spotlight even when meeting with a group. Before you start shopping, you��ll need to know what your specific camera requirements are �C and there are a few things you��ll want to keep in mind. Design, features, cost, and compatibility should be on top of your list. First, you��ll obviously want to determine a design that integrates seamlessly into your office environment. Depending on which type you choose, you��ll need to make sure that it��s good enough to be displayed in your meeting room environment. Next, you should also choose one with innovative features that do the work for you. Wouldn��t it be nice to just sit during the meeting and let the device work wonders for you? Another consideration is the integrated features of the 360 conference camera. 

  • Do you need one that comes with a remote control or is AI-based? 
  • How much is the minimum microphone pickup range you need?
  • Do you need it for different platforms (agnostic) or just for the one you regularly use at the office?
  • Do you need it to have individual frames for your onsite participants or not?
  • Are you concerned with security breaches via WiFi and Bluetooth?
  • Is the devices�� accessibility features your primary concern?

Next, you��ll want to think about the image resolution (or pixel count) of the camera you��re considering including the frames per second (fps). The frame rate refers to how many images are being taken per second and is usually measured in frames per second (fps). Generally speaking, the higher the fps, the better the video will look. For the best 360 conference camera, you'll want a high-resolution camera with a wide field of view and a high fps rating. Simply speaking, the higher the FPS, the better the camera is. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture will be. High-resolution cameras are great for when you want to zoom in on someone or capture close-up details. For a more general overview of your surroundings, you can also opt for a lower-resolution camera. Several video conferencing products have integrated Windows or Android systems embedded in the system. While it may be convenient to start a meeting using only that device, many users find it more useful to control everything from their laptops since most presentations and meeting content are found there anyway.


360 Video Conference Cameras at Exhibits

If you want to explore your options, you can go to technology conferences and exhibits where products such as 360 conference cameras are displayed very strategically. Examples of these in the United States are annual ones such as  Infocomm, CES show, and Enterprise Connect. You will find vendors and manufacturers who can demonstrate how to use their products to help you decide which one to purchase for your company.

There��s usually one each month, especially with COVID-19 restrictions easing throughout the country. You can also try to look for smaller ones closer to home. Exhibitors often join regional conferences for business use, educational technology, and other industry-specific conferences. You can check out your local areas or convention centers for details! 

Aside from onsite ones, there are hybrid or online events you can check out to view these products. 

The best thing about these conferences is that vendors present their products in a conducive environment to see the products at their optimum! You can ask them for setup info, troubleshooting, and schedule an onsite assessment/demo at your office if you wish.


360 Conference Cameras sold by Distributors

Like exhibit-style cameras, distributor-sold cameras are sometimes seen readily set up and used. If you want to look at 360 conference cameras on distributors�� online stores or onsite premises, you may also do so. These products usually come with a different warranty package than those from the manufacturers. Users/customers can seek out these distributors directly for any warranty claims or device after-sales service needs. However, pricing may differ slightly in some cases (but not for all).


360 Conference Cameras sold by Manufacturers

Manufacturers are the ��creators�� of the devices. They usually sell in bulk but many times, they sell in a retail capacity. You may find them through search engines, social media, as ��exhibitors�� at conferences, and so on. One of the up-and-coming 360 conference cameras in the market is Coolpo. Coolpo has launched its Coolpo AI Huddle Series. As far as these devices go, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana is among the best you can find! 

  1. Its sleek design integrates seamlessly into your office decor
  2. It has AI-based features in its camera and microphone algorithms to offer the best meeting experience
  3. Coolpo company offers reliable after-sales services to customers
  4. A complementing software is available (but not required to start any meeting) for those who want to configure the video stream or upgrade the firmware
  5. Best of all, the Pana is portable, hassle-free, and easy to use for BYOD meetings.

You can purchase the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana from the Coolpo Store or from your preferred online/offline store in your country!


The Best of the Rest: Conclusion

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a 360 conference camera. Based on our suggestions above, you can take your pick depending on which medium you choose to view devices. Decide on a product that will give you value for your money and more! Don��t settle for brands that only offer half-baked promises. Choose a brand you can rely on for the long run. 360 video conference devices are an investment so these have to be top-of-the-line reliable innovations.

We comprehensive support and added services to help you improve your meeting experience! Coolpo constantly provides software upgrades and listens to customer feedback. Coolpo company can be seen in different online and offline stores and in exhibits nearest you!


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