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5 of the Best Video Conferencing Software for Small Businesses to Connect with Your Team

As a small business owner, you probably don't have the luxury of throwing weekly team meetings and setting up your video conference camera. Instead, you need to find cost-effective ways to keep your team on the same page and tackle challenges as they arise.
If you can't meet with your team in person, a video conferencing software might just be what you need to bridge the communication gap.
With a virtual meeting platform, your team members can log in from wherever they are and participate in meetings without having to book an expensive conference room or fly across the country.
But with so many options out there, it can be challenging to know which solution is best for your company. Luckily for you, we've done the research and found 5 of the best video conferencing software for small businesses:

Vidyard Meeting

This free app is intended for personal and business meetings, sales, and marketing. It can be used for a walkthrough and training as this app can screen record which the other person can see what's going on on your screen. Also, it can track someone who watches the video; you can see their real name and what they do after they view your video.

Basically, Vidyard can create, share on various social media sites, and track videos.

Unlike any other video conferencing software, it allows you to have unlimited video hosting once you purchase their plan. What's more fun in using Vidyard is that it has cool stuff that you can do when you are in a webinar or monthly meeting such as call-to-action, dropdowns, forms, split tests, etc.

Google Meet

It is a collaboration platform that allows participants to do numerous things such as audio or video calls. It also lets people make their video calls public by sharing them on YouTube; this is helpful in terms of webinars and talk engagements.
What's good about Google Meet is that it is available in both Android and iOS devices and that all your transactions are synchronized to all of your devices.

Microsoft Teams

It is a software under Microsoft that enables people to communicate; it connects people around the world through its audio and video call feature and instant messaging for free. Microsoft Teams has lots of integrations that make your team feel whole despite the distance. It can be used either on your phone or desktop computer.
This will help you a lot if you're trying to be cost effective and regularly call someone around the world. When you want a group call, it permits 50 people to join the call.
Moreover, through Microsoft Teams, presentations are being made easier because of its screen sharing feature which allows communication to be clearer and more memorable.

Slack Meeting

A messaging app that has a user-friendly design and enables you to make several channels that can be public, private, or shared and also bots for different things. With this app, you can contact anyone within and outside of your company through voice or video calls. Your employees have also access which enables them to view the files you upload on a specific channel with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.
Also, you can schedule your meeting and invite attendees in Slack when you download their calendar app.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is fundamentally a room system for collaboration that allows audio and video conferencing and wireless screen sharing.
Its subscription starts at $49.00 a month; however, you will get a free subscription for a month if you sign up as a new user.
During your voice or video call, you can add a filter, choose various reactions, chat, make a poll, and chat.


As the world is constantly developing and adapting to everything online - video conferencing can be your asset especially if you have a business. It can leverage your visibility that could turn into leads and sales eventually. However, it does not just stop there. You need good software that is cost effective, easy to use, and simple for your team members and customers for you to be able to communicate and collaborate easily.
Choosing the best software for your business and personal matter depends on what you actually need. Find free software if you just want to communicate with people occasionally. However, if the nature of your business is for a large number of people and requires a regular meeting, then opt for higher-end software.
The next time you want to give your business a good shot to your potential and current customers and your team or employees a comfortable and effective way to team up, try one of these 5 best video conferencing software.

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